Submissions from 2019


Repeated Vaginal Exposures to the Common Cosmetic and Household Preservative Methylisothiazolinone Induce Persistent, Mast Cell-Dependent Genital Pain in ND4 Mice, Erica Arriaga-Gomez, Jacyln Kline, Elizabeth Emanuel, Nefeli Neamonitaki, Tenzin Yangdon, Hayley Zacheis, Dogukan Pasha, Jinyoung Lim, Susan Bush, Beebie Boo, Hanna Mengistu, Ruby Kinnamon, Robin Shields-Cutler, Wattenberg Wattenberg, and Devavani Chatterjea


Tetrahydrocannabinol Reduces Hapten-Driven Mast Cell Accumulation and Persistent Tactile Sensitivity in Mouse Model of Allergen-Provoked Localized Vulvodynia, Beebie Boo, Rohit Kamath, Erica Arriaga-Gomez, Jasmine Landry, Elizabeth Emanuel, Sookyong Joo, Marietta Sald Montivero, Tijana Martinov, Brian T. Fife, and Devavani Chatterjea

Submissions from 2018


Variation in Mating Dynamics across Five Species of Leiobunine Harvestmen (Arachnida: Opliones), Kasey D. Fowler-Finn, Sarah L. Boyer, Raine Ikagawa, Timothy Jeffries, Penelope C. Kahn, Eva M. Larsen, Daniel Lee, and Morgan Smeester


Nuptial gift chemistry reveals convergent evolution correlated with antagonism in mating systems of harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones), Penelope C. Kahn, Dennis D. Cao, Mercedes Burns, and Sarah L. Boyer

Submissions from 2017


Recurrent Yeast Infections and Vulvodynia: Can We Believe Associations Based on Self-Reported Data?, Bernard L. Harlow, Rachel E. Caron, Samantha E. Parker, Devavani Chatterjea, Matthew P. Fox, and Ruby H.N. Nguyen


Comparison of ecosystem processes in a woodland and prairie pond with different hydroperiods, Daniel J. Hornbach, Mark C. Hove, Mira W. Ensley-Field, Matthew R. Glasenapp, Ian A. Goodbar, J. Douglas Harman, Benjamin D. Huber, Emily A. Kangas, Kira X. Liu, Molly Stark-Ragsdale, and Long K. Tran


Repeated Hapten Exposure Induces Persistent Tactile Sensitivity in Mice Modeling Localized Provoked Vulvodynia, Tijana Martinov, Jasmine Landry, Hanna Mengistu, Jyothi Dhanwada, Charles J. Benck, Jacyln Kline, Beebie Boo, Linnea Swanson, Elena Tonc, Randy Daughters, Brian T. Fife, and Devavani Chatterjea

Submissions from 2016


Isolation of Infiltrating Leukocytes from Mouse Skin Using Enzymatic Digest and Gradient Separation, Charles Benck, Tijana Martinov, Brian T. Fife, and Devavani Chatterjea

Submissions from 2014


Mast cells: Versatile Gatekeepers of Pain, Devavani Chatterjea and Tijana Martinov


Clonal Differences in IgE Antibodies Affect Cutaneous Anaphylaxis-associated Thermal Sensitivity in Mice, Madison Mack, Elena Tonc, Alyssa Ashbaugh, Abigail Wetzel, Akilah Sykes, Camilla Engblom, Estela Shabani, Carolina Mora Solano, Anna Trier, Linnea Swanson, Emily Ewan, Tijana Martinov, and Devavani Chatterjea


A comparison of the stream temperature regime under forested and non-forested riparian 4 zones at eleven sites across North America, J. A. Simmons, M. Anderson, W. Dress, C. Hanna, Daniel J. Hornbach, A. Janmaat, F. Kuserk, J. G. March, T. Murray, J. Niedzwiecki, D. Panvini, B. Pohlad, C. Thomas, and L. Vasseur

Submissions from 2013


TNF-Alpha Neutralizing Antibody Blocks Thermal Sensitivity Induced By Compound 48/80-Provoked Mast Cell Degranulation, Devavani Chatterjea, Luisa Paredes, Tijana Martinov, Evelyn Balsells, Juliann Allen, Akilah Sykes, and Alyssa Ashbaugh


Contact Hypersensitivity to Oxazolone Provokes Vulvar Mechanical Hyperalgesia in Mice, Tijana Martinov, Rose Glenn-Finer, Sarah Burley, Elena Tonc, Evelyn Balsells, Alyssa Ashbaugh, Linnea Swanson, Randy S. Daughters, and Devavani Chatterjea


Measuring Changes in Tactile Sensitivity in the Hind Paw of Mice Using an Electronic Von Frey Apparatus, Tijana Martinov, Madison Mack, Akilah Sykes, and Devavani Chatterjea


Effects of flow restoration on mussel growth in a Wild and Scenic North American River, Brandon J. Sansom, Daniel J. Hornbach, Mark C. Hove, and Jason S. Kilgore

Documents from 2012

Evolutionary and biogeographic history of an ancient and global group of arachnids (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi) with a new taxonomic arrangement, Sarah L. Boyer, G Giribet, P Sharma, L R. Benavides, R M. Clouse, B L. de Bivort, D Dimitrov, G Y. Kawauchi, J Y. Murienne, and P J. Schwendinger


New species of mite harvestmen from the Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia, with commentary on biogeography of the genus Austropurcellia (Opiliones: Cyphophthalmi: Pettalidae), Sarah L. Boyer and Catherine N. Reuter

Additional minnows and topminnow identified as suitable sheepnose (Plethobasus cyphyus) hosts, Sarah L. Boyer, Kiru Wolf, Mark C. Hove, Bernard E. Sietman, and Dan J. Hornbach


Mast Cell Degranulation Mediates Compound 48/80-induced Hyperalgesia in Mice, Devavani Chatterjea, Abigail Wetzel, Madison Mack, Camilla Engblom, Juliann Allen, Carolina Mora Solano, Luisa Paredes, Evelyn Balsells, and Tijana Martinov

Mast cell degranulation mediates compound 48/80-induced plantar thermal hypernociception and the local inflammatory response in mice, Devavani Chatterjea, A Wetzel, M Mack, C Engblom, J Allen, C Mora-Solano, L Paredes, E Balsells, and T Martinov

The population dynamics and ecological effects of garlic mustard, Alliaria petiolata, in a Minnesota oak woodland, Abby Colehour, Jo Daney, Mark A. Davis, E Foster, C MacMillen, E Merrill, J O'Neil, M Pearson, M Whitney, M D. Anderson, and Jerald J. Dosch


Harm is in the eye of the beholder, Mark Davis

Reframing the concept of invasives, Mark Davis


Response, Mark Davis

The population dynamics and ecological effects of garlic mustard, Alliaria petiolata, in a Minnesota oak woodland, Mark Davis, Abby Colehour, Jo Daney, Elizabeth Foster, Clare Macmillen, Emily Merrill, Joseph O'Neil, Margaret Pearson, Megan Whitney, Michael D. Anderson, and Jerald J. Dosch

Early life history of the winged mapleleaf mussel (Quadrula fragosa), Daniel J. Hornbach

The Impact of a Small Dam on Mussel Assemblages and Habitat in Sunrise River, MN, Daniel J. Hornbach, H. Liu, D. Rubin, F. Schenck, and M. Hove

Effects of a small dam on the growth of the freshwater mussel, Actinonaias ligamentina, in Sunrise River, Chisago County, MN, Daniel J. Hornbach, D. Rubin, F. Schenck, H. Liu, and M. Hove


Effect of riparian shade on stream water temperature: A collaboration among eleven primarily undergraduate institutions, Daniel J. Hornbach, J. A. Simmons, M. L. Anderson, W. J. Dress, J. Frick-Ruppert, C. J. B. Hanna, A. Janmaat, F. Kuserk, J. G. March, T. Murray, J. Niedzwiecki, D. Panvini, B. Pohlad, C. L. Thomas, and L. Vasseur

Triumph of the Titans, Kristi Curry Rogers and m D'Emic

The Sauropods, Kristi Curry Rogers and J A. Wilson


The SAUR19 subfamily of SMALL AUXIN UP RNA genes promote cell expansion, A. K. Spartz, S. H. Wenger, J. P. Gonzalez, N. Itoh, D. Inze, W. A. Peer, A. S. Murphy, Paul Overvoorde, and W. M. Gray

First cytogenetic study of a member of the harvestman family Pettalidae, F Šťáhlavský, Sarah L. Boyer, M S. Harvey, and G Giribet

Genetic diversity of two common freshwater mussel species, Lampsilis cardium and Quadrula pustulosa (Bivalvia, Unionidae), in a large federally protected waterway (St. Croix River, Minnesota/Wisconsin, U.S.A.), S C. Szumowski, Sarah L. Boyer, Daniel J. Hornbach, and M C. Hove

Genetic diversity of two common freshwater mussels, Lampsilis cardium and Quadrula pustulosa (Bivalvia, Unionidae), in a large federally protected waterway (St. Croix River, Minnesota/Wisconsin, USA, Suzannah C. Szumowski, Sarah L. Boyer, Daniel J. Hornbach, and Mark C. Hove

Documents from 2011


Transforming ecological science at primarily undergraduate institutions through collaborative networks, D. R. Bowne, A. L. Downing, M. F. Hoopes, K. LoGiudice, C. L. Thomas, L. J. Anderson, T. Gartner, Daniel J. Hornbach, K. Kuers, J. Machado, B. R. Pohlad, and K. L. Shea

A DNA-barcoding approach to identifying juvenile freshwater mussels (Bivalvia:Unionidae) recovered from naturally infested fishes, Sarah L. Boyer, Alexander A. Howe, Nathan W. Juergens, and Mark C. Hove


Invasion Biology, Mark Davis


Do native birds care whether their berries are native or exotic? No, Mark A. Davis


Researching invasive species 50 years after Elton: A cautionary tale, Mark A. Davis

Don’t judge species on their origins, Mark A. Davis and

Early Life History and Distribution of Pistolgrip (Tritogonia verrucosa (Rafinesque, 1820)) in Minnesota and Wisconsin. American Midland Naturalist 165:338-354, M. C. Hove, B. E. Sietman, J. E. Bakelaar, J. A. Bury, D. J. Heath, V. E. Pepi, J. M. Davis, Daniel J. Hornbach, and A. R. Kapuscinski

International Plant Pharmacology: discovering small molecules that alter hormone signaling and root development, Paul Overvoorde

Multi-species attributes as the condition for adaptive sampling of rare species using two-stage sequential sampling with an auxiliary variable, B. Panahbehagh, D. R. Smith, M. Salehi, Daniel J. Hornbach, and J. A. Brown

Sauropod dinosaur osteodersm from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar, Kristi Curry Rogers, Michael D'Emic, Raymond Rogers, Vickaryous Matthew, and Amanda Cagan

Why research on traits of invasive plants tells us very little, K. Thompson and Mark Davis

Documents from 2010


Biological invasions and society’s response (review of 'Bioinvasions and Globalization: Ecology, Economics, Management, and Policy,' Charles Perrings, Harold Mooney, and Mark Williamson, eds.), Mark Davis

‘Moa’s Ark’ or ‘Goodbye Gondwana’: is the origin of New Zealand’s terrestrial invertebrate fauna ancient, recent, or both?, Gonzalo Giribet and Sarah L. Boyer

Estimating population size and habitat associations of two federally endangered mussels in the St. Croix River, Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA, Daniel J. Hornbach, Mark C. Hove, Benjamin D. Dickinson, Kelly R. MacGregor, and Jill R. Medland

Variation in Freshwater Mussel Shell Sculpture and Shape Along a River Gradient, Daniel J. Hornbach, Valerie J. Kurth, and Mark C. Hove

A Novel Aux/IAA28 Signaling Cascade Activates GATA23-Dependent Specification of Lateral Root Founder Cell Identity, Paul Overvoorde and et al


Auxin Control of Root Development, Paul Overvoorde, Hidehiro Fukaki, and Tom Beeckman

The Genomics Education Partnership: Successful Integration of Research into Laboratory Classes at a Diverse Group of Undergraduate Institutions, Paul Overvoorde, Chris Shaffer, Consuelo Alvarez, Cheryl Bailey, Daron Barnard, Satish Bhalla, Chitra Chandrasekaran, Vidya Chandrasekaran, Hui-Min Chung, Doug Dorer, Chunguang Du, Todd Eckdahl, Jeff Poet, Donald Frohlich, Anya Goodman, Yuying Gosser, Charles Hauser, Laura Hoopes, Diana Johnson, Chris Jones, Marian Kaehler, Nighat Kokan, Olga Kopp, Gary Kuleck, Gerry McNeil, Robert Moss, Jennifer Myka, Alexis Nagengast, Robert Morris, Libby Shoop, Susan Parrish, Kelly Reed, E. Gloria Regisford, Dennis Revie, Anne Rosenwald, Ken Saville, Stephanie Schroeder, Mary Shaw, Christopher Smith, Mary Smith, Eric Spana, Mary Spratt, Joyce Stamm, Jeff Thompson, Matthew Wawersik, Barbara Wilson, Jim Youngblom, Wilson Leung, David Lopatto, and Sarah C.R. Elgin

Science and natural history museums, Kristi Curry Rogers

Small body size and extreme cortical bone remodeling indicate phyletic dwarfism in Magyarosaurus dacus (Sauropoda: Titanosauria), Koen Stein, Zoltan Csiki, Kristi Curry Rogers, David B. Weishampel, Ragna Redelstorff, Jose L. Carballido, and P. Martin Sander

Documents from 2009

Alcohol-Leisure Complementarity: Empirical Estimates and Implications for Tax Policy, Sarah L. Boyer

Fiscal and Externality Rationales for Alcohol Taxes, Sarah L. Boyer

Should Distributional Considerations Hold up Higher Gasoline Taxes?, Sarah L. Boyer

Welcome back New Zealand: regional biogeography and Gondwanan origin of three endemic genera of mite harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi), Sarah L. Boyer and Gonzalo Giribet

Expression of Protein involved in Siderophore Biosynthesis in Aspergillus nidulans., Christopher T. Calderone, Alese Colehour, and Christina Fitzsimmons

Cloning and Expression of Truncated Polyketide Synthase Enzymes for Structural Analysis., Christopher T. Calderone and Emil Mellgren

Targeted depletion of lymphotoxin-alpha-expressing TH1 and TH17 cells inhibits autoimmune disease, Devavani Chatterjea and et al.


Invasion Biology, Mark Davis

Factors affecting performance in an introductory genetics course, Mary Montgomery

Acquisition of callogenic capacity in date palm leaf tissues in response to 2, 4-D treatment, Paul Overvoorde

Acquisition of callogenic capacity in date palm leaf tissues in response to 2,4-D treatment, Paul Overvoorde, Badara Gueye, Fabienne Morcillo, Myriam Collin, Daniel Gargani, Frederique Aberlenc-Bertossi, Timothy J. Tranbarger, Djibril Sane, James W. Tregear, Alain Borgel, and Jean-Luc Verdeil

Patterns of microbial bioerosion in bones from the Campanian Judith River Formation of Montana, Kristi Curry Rogers

The postcranial anatomy of Rapetosaurus krausei (Sauropoda: Titanosauria), Kristi Curry Rogers

Titanosaur osteoderm ontogeny, anatomy, and function: new data from Rapetosaurus krausei, Kristi Curry Rogers

Titanosaur Sauropod, Kristi Curry Rogers

Reassessment of the sauropod dinosaur Jainosaurus (= "Antarctosaurus") septentrionalis from the Upper Cretaceous of India, Kristi Curry Rogers, Jeffrey A. Wilson, Michael D. D'Emic, Dhananjay M. Mohabey, and Subashis Sen

Documents from 2008

Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) attached to native mussels (Unionidae) or inanimate substrates: Comparison of physiological rates and biochemical composition, S. M. Baker and Daniel J. Hornbach

Phylogeography of Aoraki denticulata in the South Island of NZ, Sarah L. Boyer

Why are there so many species of mite harvestmen boyerin New Zealand?, Sarah L. Boyer

Documents from 2007

Early Life-history and Conservation Status of Venustaconcha Ellipsiformis (Bivalvia, Unionidae) in Minnesota, Daniel C. Allen, Bernard E. Sietman, Daniel E. Kelner, Mark C. Hove, Jennifer E. Kurth, J. Mike Davis, Jeffery L. Weiss, and Daniel J. Hornbach

Biogeography of the World from a Globally-distributed Arachnid, Sarah Boyer, R. C. Clouse, L. Benevides, P. Schwendinger, P. Sharma, I. Karunathana, and G. Giribet

Pettalidae Shear ,1980, Sarah Boyer and G. Giribet,

A New Model Gondwanan Taxon: Systematics and biogeography of the harvestman family Pettalidae (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi), with a taxonomic revision of genera from Australia and New Zealand., Sarah Boyer and G. Giribet

Methods for Molecular Studies in Systematics, Sarah Boyer and G. Giribet

Deep Genetic Divergences in Aoraki Denticulata (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi): a widespread “mite harvestmen” defies DNA taxonomy, Sarah Boyer, G. Giribet, and J. M. Baker

Deep genetic divergences in Aoraki denticulata (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi): a widespread “mite harvestmen” defies DNA taxonomy, Sarah L. Boyer, J M. Baker, and G Giribet

Biogeography of the World from a globally-distributed arachnid, Sarah L. Boyer, R C. Clouse, L Benevides, P Schwendinger, P Sharma, I Karunathana, and G Giribet

Elevated Atmospheric CO2: A Nurse Plant Substitute for Oak Seedlings Establishing in Old Fields, Mark Davis; PB Reich; J Knoll; and L Dooley,et al.


Phylogeny and Classification: Electrophoretic Evidence, Daniel J. Hornbach


Ecology: Population Dynamics, Energetics and Production, Daniel J. Hornbach and C. M. Way

“Growth Patterns in Brooding Dinosaurs Reveals the Timing of Sexual Maturity in Non-avian Dinosaurs and Genesis of the Avian Condition.”, Kristi Curry Rogers, G.M. Erickson, D.J. Varricchio, M.A. Norell, and X. Xu

“Upper Cretaceous Dinosaur Nesting Sites of Rio Negro (Salitral Ojo de Agua and Salinas de Trapalco-Salitral de Santa Rosa), Northern Patagonia, Argentina.”, Kristi Curry Rogers, L. Salgado, R.A. Coria, C.M. Magalhaes Ribeiro, A. Garrido, R. Rogers, M.E. Simon, A.B. Arcucci, A.P. Carabajal, S. Apesteguia, M. Fernandez, R.A. Garcia, and M. Talevi

The Small Molecule 2-Furylacrylic Acid Inhibits Auxin-Mediated Responses in Arabidopsis thalian, C Sungur; S Miller; J Bergholz; Paul Overvoorde, et al.; and Rebecca C. Hoye

Documents from 2006

Confirmation of the Type Locality and Distributional Range of Suzukielus Sauteri (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi) in Japan, Sarah Boyer, N. Tsurusaki, and G. Giribet

Invasion Biology 1958-2005: The Pursuit of Science and Conservation, Mark Davis

Using hydraulic parameters to predict mussel density: A preliminary study, Daniel J. Hornbach; DC Allen; MC Hove; and BE Sietman, et al.

Analysis of sediment transport data and calculation of historical sediment load, St. Croix River, MN/WI, Daniel J. Hornbach, E Kushner, and K MacGregor

RNA interference: unraveling a mystery, Mary K. Montgomery

“Three-dimensional Reconstruction of the Skull of Rapetosaurus krausei (Sauropoda, Titanosauria).”, Kristi Curry Rogers, J. Hertel, and J. Groenke

Documents from 2005

The Family Sironidae (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi) in Europe: a phylogenetic approach to Eastern Mediterranean biogeography, Sarah Boyer, I. Karaman, and G. Giribet

The family Sironidae (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi) in Europe: a phylogenetic approach to Eastern Mediterranean biogeography, Sarah L. Boyer, I Karaman, and G Giribet

Non-indigenous Grasses Impede Woody Succession, Mark Davis; L Bier; E Bushelle; and C Diegel, et al.

Dynamic tree aggregation patterns in a species-poor temperate woodland disturbed by fire, Mark Davis, C Curran, A Tietmeyer, and A Miller

Vegetation Change: a reunifying concept in plant ecology. Perspectives in Plant Ecology,, Mark Davis; J Pergl; A Truscott; and J Kollmann, et al.

Invasibility: the Local mechanism driving community assembly and species diversity, Mark Davis, K Thompson, and JP Grime