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Orexin has important functions in feeding, arousal, and motivation. However, the mechanism by which Orexin influences these processes is not well understood. The goals of the present study were: 1) demonstrate that orexin A enhances appetitive and consumptive behaviors (lever presses, licks, rewarded licks and breakpoint) using a progressive ratio schedule of reinforcement for sucrose reward and 2) Determine if gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor blockade could attenuate those behaviors. However, preliminary analysis did not reveal an effect of orexin A (30nM) when infused into the lateral ventricle of rats. Of the measures operant behaviors, the orexin A and saline groups did not differ. Therefore, the second phase was not conducted. Multiple explanations for the lack of orexin's effect are possible: aged rats, endogenous orexin levels, incorrect dose, misplaced cannula and use of a different schedule of reinforcement than that previously used with orexin. The unique function of orexin in these behaviors prompts further analysis into the reason behind the outcomes of this study.



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