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I would like to thank my two honors advisors: Professor Michael Zis, thank you for taking me on as your first honors advisee and sharing your health care policy expertise. Professor Julie Dolan, a special thanks to you for your support and wonderful food suggestions during the colloquium – I have appreciated your advice and guidance in all things: academic, culinary and beyond. To those who participated in my informational and study interviews, thank you for being so generous with your time and enthusiastic about my project. In particular, thank you to Dr. Meghan Walsh for an introduction to this topic and key participants. And finally, to all my friends – my first floor library friends especially – who have taken this academic journey by my side. You all made this year memorable.


US health care costs are among the highest of all industrialized nations. In an effort to reduce costs and improve health outcomes, new delivery models – including accountable care organizations – have been developed. Yet, as revealed through interviews with key participants in Hennepin County's delivery project, significant challenges to implementing them exist. They include obstacles that inherently arise from implementing a means-tested health care policy within a competitive, federalized governing structure. Because these challenges are not unique to Hennepin County, this project can help similar projects and may push policy towards the integration of the health care and social service systems.

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