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Honors Project


This honors project was completed as a part of my independently designed interdepartmental major (IDIM) entitled Local and Global Social Change. I would like to express my sincere thanks to my honors advisor Professor Paul Dosh (Political Science) as well as to my readers Professor William Moseley (Geography), Professor Theresa Krier (English), Professor James Dawes (English), and Dr. Margaret Wheatley.


Local foods movements increasingly emerge as social movements with the power to challenge global norms. This paper develops around the question: can local foods movements create holistic sustainability at the global level? I begin by analyzing impetuses behind contemporary local foods movements. I then evaluate sustainability in three case studies – Auroville, India; the Twin Cities, United States; and Southern Africa. I ultimately argue that local foods movements can create sustainable change if they: (1) develop organically within their locale, (2) account for ecological, social, and economic implications of their actions, and (3) build translocal connections across multiple geographic scales.



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