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What does home sound like? I have spent most of my recent life outside my homeland, the Philippines, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, and this question of what home is has become a persistent thought, if not, a necessary inquiry. This composition portfolio attempts to answer that question in three varying pieces. The first, The Sounds of Home, is a string quartet in three movements where each one tells a personal story by invoking Filipino folk and indigenous themes. The second, Commuting in Manila, is a wind septet that sonically emulates the commuting experience in Manila from the viewpoint of a working-class Filipino. The third, The Fantasy of the Consoled, is a solo piano piece that reflects the way I see the process of consoling and being consoled during difficult times through an inventory of my improvisations and mannerisms on the piano. In sum, these pieces together probe the idea of home in three ways: as nation, as landscape, and as self.



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