Volume 8, Issue 1 (2020) Spring 2020

Honors Projects - Open Access



ALFALFA Harvest: HI Imaging and 3D Modeling of Candidate Local Group Dwarf Galaxies
Lilly Bralts-Kelly, Susie Paine, Elizabeth A. K. Adams, and John M. Cannon


A Search for Pulsars Towards the Galactic Center
Jacob W. Hetrick, Kunal Mooley, and Preshanth Jagannathan


SuperCDMS: Energy Calibration of a Ge HV Particle Detector
Salamong Xiong, Vuk Mandic, Matthew Fritts, Nicholas Mast, and Jacob Nelson

Capstones - Restricted


Tensile Bending Behavior of PVA Fiber and Crumb Rubber Modified Hot Mixture Asphalt
Elena J. Youngdale, Andrea Hernandez, Jamal Khattak, and Mohammad R. Bhuyan


John Cannon
Professor and Department Chair,
Physics and Astronomy
Macalester College

Cover Art

Anya Wolterman
Used with permission.