Documents from 1996


Characters of the centralizer algebras of mixed tensor representations of GL(r,C) and the quantum group U-q(gl(r,C)), Thomas Halverson


Murnaghan-Nakayama rules for characters of Iwahori-Hecke algebras of classical type, Thomas Halverson and A. Ram


Subthreshold dynamics in periodically stimulated squid giant axons, Daniel Kaplan, J. R. Clay, T. Manning, L. Glass, M. R. Guevara, and A. Shrier


Nonlinear Noise Reduction for Electrocardiograms, Daniel T. Kaplan and T. Schreiber


Signal separation by nonlinear projections: the fetal ECG, T. Schreiber and Daniel Kaplan


Detecting unstable periodic orbits in chaotic experimental data, P. So, S. Schi, E. Ott, Daniel T. Kaplan, T. Sauer, and C. Grebogi

Documents from 1995


Why the study of mathematics is one of the liberal arts, David Bressoud

A q-rational Murnaghan-Nakayama rule, Thomas Halverson

Instructor's Manual to Accompany An Invitation to Computer Science, Thomas Halverson

Characters of algebras containing a Jones basic construction: The Temperley-Lieb, Okada, Brauer, and Birman-Wenzl algebras, Thomas Halverson and A. Ram


Articles pre-1996, Daniel Kaplan


Understanding Nonlinear Dynamics, Daniel Kaplan and L. Glass

Review of Caenepeel, Stefaan, Serban Raianu, Freddy Van Ostaeyen, Induction and Coinduction for Hopf Algebras, Richard Molnar

Review of Generated Subcoalgebras and Generated Subcomudules, Nanjing Daxue Xuebao Shuxue Bannian Kan, Richard Molnar

Review of Masuoka, Akira, Coideal subalgebras in finite Hopf algebras, Richard Molnar

Review of Milinski, A., Skolem Noether Theorems an coalgebra actions, Richard Molnar

Review of Takeuchi, M., Quotient Spaces for Hopf Algebras, Richard Molnar

Review on Almost Cocommutative bialgebras, Xuebao Shuxue Bannian Kan, Richard Molnar


Quintuples with square triplets, Stan Wagon

Documents from 1994


Pre-1994 journal articles, David Bressoud


A Characterization of Sigma-symmetrically Porous Symmetrical Cantor Sets, M. Evans, P. Humke, and Karen Saxe

Tensor product representations of general linear groups and their connections with Brauer algebras., Thomas Halverson, G. Benkart, M. Chakrabarti, R. Leduc, and J. Stroomer


Carmichael's Conjecture on the Euler Function is Valid below 10(10,000,000, Stan Wagon and A. Schlafly

Documents from 1993


Tensor operators III, some fundamental tensor operator identities, Daniel Flath and J. Towber

Documents from 1992

Modelling Foreign Policy Advisory Processes, Richard Molnar and C. B. Orbovich

Documents from 1990


Remarks on tensor operators, Daniel Flath

Co-radical Splittings and a Generalization of Kostant Theorem, Richard Molnar

Laboratories for Computer Science, Richard Molnar, C. Keleman, J. Parker, and R. Cupper

Documents from 1989


Factorization and Primality Testing, David Bressoud

Documents from 1988

Sensitivity of operational formulae, Richard Molnar and S. C. Bruell

Documents from 1986

Implementing Program Verification in Pascal, Richard Molnar

Documents from 1981

Tensor products and semisimple modular representations of finite groups and restricted Lie algebras, Richard Molnar

Documents from 1980


Analytic and Combinatorial Generalizations of the Rogers-Ramanujan Identities, David Bressoud

Documents from 1977

Semi-direct products of Hopf algebras, Richard Molnar

Documents from 1976

A semi-direct product decomposition for certain Hopf algebras over an algebraically closed field, Richard Molnar

Documents from 1975

A commutative Noetherian Hopf algebra over a field is finitely generated, Richard Molnar