Documents from 2008


Student Thinking, David Bressoud


The National Math Panel Report, David Bressoud

"The Queen of the Sciences: A History of Mathematics" (DVD), The Teaching Company, David Bressoud

Crafting the initial user experience to achieve community goals, Sara Drenner, Shilad Sen, and Loren Terveen


Calculus (Fifth Edition), Daniel Flath

Planar Rook Diagrams and Pascal's Triangle, Daniel Flath, Tom Halverson, and Kate Herbig

Review of "Google's PageRank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings'', Daniel Kaplan


Principles and Best Practices for Post-Election Audits, Mark Lindeman, Mark Halvorson, Pamela Smith, Lynn Garland, and Vittorio Addona


Percentage-Based versus Power-Based Vote Tabulation Statistical Audits, John McCarthy, Howard Stanislevic, Mark Lindeman, Arlene S. Ash, Vittorio Addona, and Mary Batcher


A model for rolling swarms of locusts, Chad M. Topaz, Andrew J. Bernoff, Sheldon Logan, and Wyatt Toolson

Documents from 2007


Radical Approach to Real Analysis, David Bressoud

The Dangers of Dual Enrollment, David Bressoud

Finding the “Right” Robot Competition: Targeting Non-Engineering Undergraduates, Susan Fox

Introductory AI for both Computer Science and Neuroscience Students, Susan Fox


Computing and Introductory Statistics, Daniel Kaplan

Association of unmet need with self-rated health in a community dwelling cohort of disabled seniors 75 years of age and over, J Quail, Vittorio Addona, C Wolfson, Podoba, L Y. Levesque, and J Dupuis

“Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems”, Shafer, Shilad W. Sen, Frankowski, and Herlocker

Documents from 2006

A formal test for stationarity of the incidence rate using data from a prevalent cohort study with follow-up., Vittorio Addona and D.B. Wolfson


Game Chromatic Index of Graphs with Given Restrictions on Degrees, Andrew Beveridge, Tom Bohman, Alan Frieze, and Oleg Pikhurko


Modeling the potential impact of rectal microbicides to reduce HIV transmission in bathhouses, Romulus Breban, Ian McGowan, Chad M. Topaz, Elissa Schwartz, Peter Anton, and Sally Blower

Launchings from the CUPM Curriculum Guide (monthly column), David Bressoud

Quantitative Methods for Public Policy, David Bressoud

Review of "James Joseph Sylvester: Jewish Mathematician in a Victorian World" by Karen Hunger Parshall, David Bressoud

Review of "Mathematics and Social Utopias in France: Olinde Rodrigues and His Times" by Simon Altmann and Edouardo L. Ortiz, David Bressoud

Review of "Number Theory in the Spirit of Ramanujan" by Bruce C. Berndt, David Bressoud


Review of Ramanujan's Lost Notebook, David Bressoud

Review of "The Reception of the Galilean Science of Motion in Seventeenth-Century Europe" by Carla Rita Palmerino and J.M.M.H. Thijssen, David Bressoud

Robot Navigation: Using Integrated Retrieval of Behaviors and Routes, Susan E. Fox and P. Anderson-Sprecher

Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of EEG as a Measure of Depth of Anesthesia, Daniel Kaplan


A nonlocal continuum model for biological aggregations, Chad M. Topaz, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and Mark E. Lewis

Documents from 2004

Undergraduate Programs and Courses in the Mathematical Sciences: CUPM Curriculum Guide 2004, W D. Barker, David Bressoud, S Epp, S Ganter, W Haver, and H Pollatsek


An Introduction to Scientific Computation and Programming, Daniel Kaplan


Pattern control via multi-frequency parametric forcing, Jeff Porter, Chad M. Topaz, and Mary Silber


Swarming patterns in a two-dimensional kinematic model for biological groups, Chad M. Topaz and Andrea L. Bertozzi


Multifrequency control of Faraday wave patterns, Chad M. Topaz, Jeff Porter, and Mary Silber

Documents from 2003


Approximate entropy of human respiratory movement during eye-closed wake and different sleep stages, Naoto Burioka, Daniel Kaplan, and et al


Fractional bandwidth reacquisition algorithms for VSW-MCM, Ben Cook, Daniel Marthaler, Chad M. Topaz, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and Mathieu Kemp

Characters of the q-rook monoid, Thomas Halverson, M. Dieng, and V. Poladian

Character orthogonality for the partition algebra and fixed points of permutations, Thomas Halverson and J. Farina

Partition Algebras, Thomas Halverson and A. Ram

Parallel Developments in Philosophy and Mathematics in India, Joy Laine and David Bressoud

Using medium-range weather forcasts to improve the value of wind energy production, M. S. Roulston, Daniel Kaplan, and et al

Documents from 2002


Adventures in the Amusement Park: AB2/BC2 from the 2002 AP Calculus Exam, David Bressoud


Calculus before Newton and Leibniz II: Archimedes and sums of squares, David Bressoud


Calculus before Newton and Leibniz III: Sums of powers, David Bressoud


The Curriculum Foundations Workshop on Chemistry, David Bressoud

Was Calculus Invented in India?, David Bressoud


Artificial Intelligence: Case-Based Reasoning, Susan E. Fox

Robinson-Schensted-Knuth insertion and cyclotomic Hecke algebras, Thomas Halverson, A. Cantrell, and B. Miller

Heart rate variability in emergency department patients with sepsis, Daniel Kaplan and et al


Methods and Apparatus for Providing an Indicator of Autonomic Nervous System Function, Daniel Kaplan and M. Risk


Pattern formation in two-frequency forced Faraday waves, Chad M. Topaz


Resonances and superlattice pattern stabilization in two-frequency forced Faraday wave, Chad M. Topaz and Mary Silber

Documents from 2001

Markov chain Monte Carlo estimation of nonlinear dynamics from time series, C. L. Bremer and Daniel T. Kaplan


Calculus before Newton and Leibniz, David Bressoud


Computer-Generated Proofs of Mathematical Theorems, David Bressoud

Personal Thoughts on Mature Teaching, David Bressoud


Second Year Calculus: from Celestial Mechanics to Special Relativity, David Bressoud

Three alternating sign matrix identities in search of bijective proofs, David Bressoud

What's been happening to undergraduate mathematics, David Bressoud

Change of base in Bailey pairs, David Bressoud, M. Ismail, and D. Stanton


How the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture Was Solved, David Bressoud and James Propp

Relationship between correlation dimension and indices of linear analysis in both respiratory movement and electroencephalogram, N. Burioka, Daniel Kaplan, and others

Behavior Retrieval for Robot Control in a Unified CBR Hybrid Planner, Susan Fox

Instrospective reasoning for index refinement in case-based reasoning, Susan E. Fox and D. B. Leake

Characters of the partition algebras, Thomas Halverson

Value of the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System for Forecasting Wind Energy Production, M. Roulston, Daniel Kaplan, J. Hardenberg, and L. Smith

Documents from 2000

Elementary proofs of identities for Schur functions and plane partitions, David Bressoud

A family of partition identities proved combinatorially, David Bressoud, J. P.O. Santos, and P. Mondek


Course in Computational Number Theory, David Bressoud and Stan Wagon


Adaptive estimation and control method for unstable periodic dynamics in spike trains, D. Christini and Daniel Kaplan

Probabilistic release and the transmission of complex firing patterns between neurons transmission of complex firing patterns between neurons, P. Faure, Daniel T. Kaplan, and H. Korn

Probabilistic release and the transmission of complex firing patterns between neurons transmission of complex firing patterns between neurons, P. Fure, Daniel Kaplan, and H. Korn

Time series and the dynamics of demand pacing, Daniel Kaplan


Two-frequency forced Faraday waves: weakly damped modes and pattern selection, Mary Silber, Chad M. Topaz, and Anne Skeldon

Documents from 1999


Proofs and Confirmations: the Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture, David Bressoud

Instructor's Manual and Test Bank to Accompany Schneider and Gersting's An Invitation to Computer Science, Susan E. Fox

Bitraces for GL(n)(F-q) and the Iwahori-Hecke algebra of type A(n-1), Thomas Halverson and A. Ram


Finding and characterizing unstable fixed points by controlling system dynamics, Daniel Kaplan

Resampling Statistics in MATLAB, Daniel Kaplan

Nonstationarity and 1/f noise characteristics in heart rate, B, Pilgram and Daniel Kaplan

Documents from 1998

A single-blind controlled competition among tests for nonlinearity and chaos, W. A. Barnett, A. R. Gallant, M. J. Hinich, J. A. Jungeilges, Daniel Kaplan, and M. J. Jensen

Elementary proof of MacMahon's conjecture, David Bressoud


Murnaghan-Nakayama rules for characters of Iwahori-Hecke algebras of the complex reflection groups G(r,p,n), Thomas Halverson and A. Ram

Determinism in bivariate cardiorespiratory phase space sets — how to detect nonlinear coordinations, D. Hoyer, Daniel Kaplan, F. Schaa, and M. Eiselt

New systems-analytical approaches to nonlinear coordination — applications in the cardiorespiratory system, D. Hoyer, Daniel T. Kaplan, M. Palus, B. Pompe, and H. Seidel

Determinism in bivariate cardiorespiratory phase space sets--how to detcet nonlinear coordinations, Daniel Kaplan

A comparison of estimators for 1/f noise, B. Pilgram and Daniel Kaplan

Fetal ECG extraction with nonlinear state-space projections, M. Richter, T. Schreiber, and Daniel T. Kaplan

Documents from 1997

Nonlinear dynamics and time series : building a bridge between the natural and statistical sciences, C. Cutler and Daniel Kaplan

Iwahori-Hecke algebras of type A, bitraces and symmetric functions, Thomas Halverson, R. Leduc, and A. Ram


Nonlinearity and nonstationarity: the use of surrogate data in interpreting fluctuations, Daniel T. Kaplan

Nonlinear mechanisms of cardiovascular control: we know they're there, but can we see them, Daniel T. Kaplan

Review of coalgebras, communications in algebra, Richard Molnar

Documents from 1996


An experimental design to compare tests of nonlinearity and chaos, W. A. Barnett, A. R. Gallant, M. J. Hinich, J. A. Jungeilges, Daniel T. Kaplan, and M. J. Jensen


Assessing Student Performance, David Bressoud

The Borwein conjecture and partitions with prescribed hook differences, David Bressoud


The Borwein conjecture and partitions with prescribed hook differences, David Bressoud

Issues in Scholarly Communication III: the looming opportunities, David Bressoud and Joel Clemmer

Issues in Scholarly Communication II: The looming opportunities, David Bressoud and Joel Clemmer