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It was a considered a foregone conclusion that college student Kenny Dobbs’ grandfather would spend his last days in an easy chair, obsessively re-watching old westerns until he met his quiet end. But with the first days of summer, Kenny finds out his grandfather has disappeared. In search of answers, Kenny returns to his hometown of Maiden Rock, Montana, and reunites with old friends that, unlike him, have never left. Interwoven with Kenny’s story is another, that of a manuscript of unknown origin which seems to chronicle the history of Maiden Rock when it was only a rough and tumble mining outpost of Confidence Copper Company. With an ambivalent gaze rooted in the present day, Until the Fall explores the tangled myths and histories of the American West. Further, the novel examines themes ranging from race, violence, and masculinity, to nostalgia, politics, and the role that stories, true or false, play in our lives.



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