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Entertainment in the enormous hospital camp for chronic cases at Nakhon Pathom got off to a slow start, but once an infusion of "light sick" talent arrived from other camps in late 1944, orchestral concerts, revues, and straight plays became available on a weekly basis and quickly changed the atmosphere in the camp from one of despair to one of hope. Of particular note were the sparkling original comedies written and produced by the professional Dutch cabaret performer Wim Kan.

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This book tells the story of how music and theatre helped the 61,000 POWs who were sent to these camps survive their ordeal. It is a story that is not well-known to history and it is now being recovered. It is a story about how music and theatre and the other arts are absolutely essential to a society's life.

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Chapter 8. “Breakout”: Nakhon Pathom Hospital Camp


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