Documents from 2014


The Dutch Confession: Compliance, Leadership, and National Identity in the Human Rights Order, Erik Larson, Wibo van Rossum, and Patrick Schmidt

Documents from 2012

Big Society, Small Government, Terry Boychuk

Civil Society, Democracy, and Peace, Terry Boychuk

Documents from 2011

Disease Prevention as Social Change: The State, Society, and Public Health in the United States, France, Great Britain, and Canada.(Book review), Terry Boychuk

Intimacy and Belonging: The Association between Sexual Activity and Depression among Older Adults, Kathryn Ganong and Erik Larson

Zionism and the Nationalization of Jerusalem, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2010

Time and the Constitution of Markets: Internal Dynamics and External Relations of Stock Exchanges in Fiji, Ghana, and Iceland, Erik Larson

Die eurozentrissche Sozialtheorie „kaputtdenken, Khaldoun Samman

Invisibilizing Palestinians, Khaldoun Samman


The Clash of Modernities: The Islamist Challenge to Jewish, Turkish, and Arab Nationalists, Khaldoun Samman

“The Temporal Template of Tourism: A Comparative Analysis of Epcot Center (Orlando, Florida) and Wadi Rum (Jordan)”, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2009


After Medicare: Regionalization and Canadian Health Care Reform, Terry Boychuk


Civil Society, Democracy, and Peace, Terry Boychuk


My Bird by Fariba Vafi. Translation., Mahnaz Kousha and Nasrin Jewell

Dilemmas of Nation-Building in Post-Colonial, Racially Divided States, Erik Larson

Nation-Building in Post-Colonial Nation-States: The Cases of Tanzania and Fiji, Erik Larson and Ronald Aminzade

Documents from 2008

Reproducing Disengagement: Citizens' Orientations, the News Media, and Democracy in Fiji, Erik Larson

Reproducing Disengagement: Citizens' Orientations, the News Media, and Democracy in Fiji, Erik Larson

Emerging indigenous governance: Ainu rights at the intersection of global norms and domestic institutions, Erik Larson, Zachary Johnson, and Monique Murphy


“Islam and the Modern Orientalist World-System”, Khaldoun Samman


Islam and the Modern Orientalist World-System, Khaldoun Samman and Mazher al-Zo'by

Documents from 2007

Rockefeller Foundation Funding and medical education in Toronto, Terry Boychuk

Rockefeller Foundation Funding and Medical Education in Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax, by Marianne P. Fedunkiw., Terry Boychuk


Hopes, Fears, and Dreams: A Comparison of the International Positions of the Shanghai and Taiwan Stock Exchanges, Erik Larson


Regulatory Rights: Emergent Indigenous Peoples' Rights as a Locus of Global Regulation, Erik Larson

Review of 'Out of the Pits: Traders and Technology from Chicago to London', Erik Larson

Nation-states confront the global: Discourses of indigenous rights in Fiji and Tanzania, Erik Larson and Ronald Aminzade


Neo-liberalism and Racial Redress: Indigenization and Politics in Tanzania and Fiji, Erik Larson and Ronald Aminzade


Debate, Erik Larson and Gary Alan Fine


Cities of God and Nationalism: Mecca, Jerusalem, and Rome as Contested Sacred World Cities, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2006

Case Characteristics and Defendant Default in a Housing Court, Erik Larson


Creating Markets, Leaving Legacies, Erik Larson

Review of 'Mutual Life, Limited: Islamic Banking, Alternative Currencies, Lateral Reason' by William Mauer, Erik Larson


Advising Undergraduate Students about Law School, Erik Larson and Annette Nierobisz


“Assimilating to Power in Two Different World-Systems: An Analysis of Paul and Herzl”, Khaldoun Samman


“The Social Origins of Universalistic Monotheism: A Comparative Analysis of Paul and Muhammad”, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2005

“Towards a Non-Essentialist Pedagogy of ‘Islam’”, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2004

Institutionalizing legal consciousness: Regulation and the embedding of market participants in the securities industry in Ghana and Fiji, Erik Larson

Documents from 2003

Indigenous Capitalists: The Development of Indigenous Investment Companies in Relation to Class, Ethnicity, and the State in Malaysia and Fiji, Erik Larson and Samuel Zalanga

Documents from 2002

Love and Control: Relationships between Fathers and Daughters, Mahnaz Kousha


Voices from Iran: the changing lives of Iranian women, Mahnaz Kousha


The Convergence of World Historical Social Science, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2000

Are Iranians Happy? A Comparative Study between Iran and the United States, Mahnaz Kousha and Navid Mohseni

Documents from 1999


The Making and Meaning of Hospital Policy in the United States and Canada, Terry Boychuk

National employment systems and job autonomy: Why job autonomy is high in the Nordic countries and low in the United States, Canada, and Australia, Terry Boychuk and F Dobbin


Race, Class and Intimacy in Southern Households: Relationship between Black Domestic Worker and White Employers, Mahnaz Kousha

Documents from 1998

Realignments in the welfare state: Health policy in the United States, Britain, and Canada, Terry Boychuk

Documents from 1997

Wasting away: The undermining of Canadian health care, Terry Boychuk

Documents from 1996

Public Policy and the Rise of Private Pensions: The U.S. Experience since 1930, Terry Boychuk