Most Recent Additions


Intro to Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality in Libraries
Mark Gill, Plamen Miltenoff, Aura Lippincott, and Kristi Newgarden


Keynote - DeRay Mckesson
DeRay Mckesson


Keynote - Shilad Sen
Shilad Sen


Virtual Reality Pilot Program
Tammy Westergard


Digital Humanities in Libraries: Where Are We Now?
Alexis Logsdon, Jason Paul, Kent Gerber, and Amy Mars


A Tale of Two Libraries and their Streaming Video
Barb Bergman and Cindy Badilla-Melén


A Seat at the Table: Embedding the Library in Curriculum Development
Jennifer Carlson, Rachel Wightman, and Dan Hoiland


Better Questions for Better Usability
Amy Luedtke, Stephanie Rosso, and Tony Hirt


Linking to the Future: The University of Minnesota Libraries and the Linked Data for Production Project
Stacie Traill, Kalan Knudson Davis, Kristi Bergland, and Christine DeZelar-Tiedman

*Updated as of 04/20/19.