Submissions from 2019


Class and the classroom: The role of individual- and school-level socioeconomic factors in predicting college students’ academic behaviors, Cari Gillen-O'Neel, Emily Roebuck, and Joan Ostrove

Submissions from 2018


Are Allies Who We Think They Are?: A Comparative Analysis, Joan Ostrove and Kendrick Brown

Documents from 2013


Moral, Cognitive and Social: The Nature of Blame, B. F. Malle, Steve Guglielmo, and A. E. Monroe


Self-Reflection as Scholarly Praxis: Researcher Identity in Disability Studies--Guest Editors' Introduction, Joan Ostrove and Jennifer Rinaldi

Documents from 2012

Neural adaptation across viewpoint and exemplar in fusiform cortex, D Y. Harvey and E D. Burgund

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 1 and Proceedings of the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience workshops at Pomona College, Claremont, CA, July 28 to 31, 2011, B R. Johnson, Eric P. Wiertelak, J J. Ramirez, and K Parfitt


Are Intentionality Judgments Fundamentally Moral?, Bertram F. Malle and Steve Guglielmo

Morality goes beyond mind perception, A. E. Monroe, Steve Guglielmo, and B. F. Malle


Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, J. Welkowitz, B. H. Cohen, and Brooke Lea

External reviews, internal influences: consultations and the undergraduate neuroscience curriculum, Eric P. Wiertelak

Shared innovations in education: Writing and reviewing for the undergraduate neuroscience community, Eric P. Wiertelak and G L. Dunbar

Documents from 2011

Social class and belonging: Implications for graduate students’ career aspirations, Joan M. Ostrove, A. J. Stewart, and N. Curtin


Building resilience in adolescence: The influences of individual, family, school, and community perspectives and practices, Linda Risser Lytle, Gina Oliva, Joan Ostrove, and Cindi Cassady


The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience: Learning lessons since 1991, Eric P. Wiertelak, Julio J. Ramirez, and Jennifer R. Yates

Documents from 2010

Task effects in the mid-fusiform gyrus: A comparison of orthographic, phonological, and semantic processing of Chinese characters, Darcy Burgund and Yi Guo

Questioning the influence of moral judgment, Steve Guglielmo

Can unintended side effects be intentional? Resolving a controversy over intentionality and morality., Steve Guglielmo and Bertram F. Malle

Enough skill to kill: Intentionality judgments and the moral valence of action., Steve Guglielmo and Bertram F. Malle

“Look good” and “Be perfect:” How social class, religious, gender, and racial identities inform my work in Disability Studies, Joan Ostrove

Measuring socioeconomic status and social class in psychological research, Joan Ostrove

Identifying allies: Explorations of Deaf-hearing relationships, Joan Ostrove and G. Oliva

Review of 'Handbook of Diversity in Feminist Psychology' (eds. Hope Landrine and Nancy Felipe Russo), Joan Ostrove and Alyssa Zucker

Perceiving others' personalities: examining the dimensionality, assumed similarity to the self, and stability of perceiver effects, S. Srivastava, Steve Guglielmo, and J. S. Beer

Documents from 2009

Opposing effects of age and reading ability on pseudoword priming, E. Darcy Burgund

Priming for letters and pseudoletters in mid-fusiform cortex: Examining letter selectivity and case invariance, E. Darcy Burgund, Yi Guo, and Elyse L. Aurbach

At the heart of morality lies folk psychology, Steve Guglielmo, Andrew E. Monroe, and Bertram F. Malle

Sleep arrangements and night waking at 6 and 12 months in relation to infants' stress-induced cortisol responses, Rachel Lucas-Thompson

Dynamic interracial/intercultural processes: The role of lay theories of race, Sun No

Dynamic Interracial/Intercultural Processes: The Role of Lay Theories of Race, Sun No, Melody Manchi Chao, and Ying-yi Hong


Reflections on the K-12 years in public schools: Relations with hearing teachers and peers from the perspective of deaf and hard-of-hearing adults, Joan Ostrove

Toward a feminist liberation psychology of alliance, Joan Ostrove

Toward a Feminist Liberation Psychology of Alliances, Joan Ostrove, Elizabeth R. Cole, and Gina A. Oliva


Introduction to papers from the FUN 2008 Macalester workshops: Proceedings of the 2008 Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience workshops at Macalester College, St. Paul, MN July 17-20, 2008, Eric P. Wiertelak, Bruce R. Johnson, and Mary E. Harrington


Jeanne Narum: A lifetime of achievement, Eric P. Wiertelak and Julio J. Ramirez

Documents from 2008

Letter-specific processing in children and adults matched for reading level, E. Darcy Burgund and A. E. Abernathy

Identity versus similarity priming for letters in left mid-fusiform cortex, E. Darcy Burgund and J. K. Edwards

Maternal employment and children's achievement in context: a meta-analysis of four decades of research, W. A. Goldberg, J. Prause, Rachel Lucas-Thompson, and A. Himsel

Sweet silent thought: Alliteration and resonance in poetry comprehension. Psychological Science, 19, 709-716, Brooke Lea, D. N. Rapp, N. Elfenbein, A. D. Mitchel, and R. S. Romine

Developmental Changes in the Responses of Preterm Infants to a Painful Stressor, Rachel Lucas-Thompson; E. L. Townsend; M, R. Gunnar; M. K. Georgieff; S. F. Guiang; R. F. Ciffuentes; R. C. Lussky; and E. P. Davis

Dissociable neural subsystems underlie visual working memory for abstract categories and specific exemplars, C. J. Marsolek and E. Darcy Burgund

Social class and belonging: Implications for college adjustment, Joan Ostrove


Undergraduate Neuroscience Education: Blueprints for the 21st Century, Eric P. Wiertelak and Julio J. Ramirez

Documents from 2007

Intersections of gender, race, and class: readings for a changing landscape (book review), Joan Ostrove

Psychology and economic injustice: personal, professional, and political intersections (book review), Joan Ostrove


Social class and belonging: Implications for college adjustment, Joan Ostrove


Social class and belonging: Implications for college adjustment, Joan Ostrove and Susan M. Long

Love Thyself Before Loving Others? A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Gender Differences in Body Image and Romantic Love, Jaine Strauss and Suman Ambwani

Correlates of Psychosocial Well-Being Among Overweight Adolescents: The Role of the Family, Jaine Strauss, Jayne A. Fulkerson, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, Mary Story, and Kerri Boutelle


Toward a Better Neuroscience Tomorrow: Thoughts on the Society for Neuroscience and the Undergraduate, Eric Wiertelak

: Meanings of sex and gender for a new generation of feminist psychologists, Alyssa N. Zucker and Joan Ostrove

Documents from 2006

Review of: Black Demons: the Media's Depiction of the African American Male Criminal Stereotype, by D. Rome, Kendrick Brown

Directions and challenges in studying folk concepts and folk judgments, Bertram F. Malle and Steve Guglielmo


"One lady was so busy staring at me she walked into a wall": Interability Relations from the Perspective of Women with Disabilities, Joan Ostrove and Danette Crawford


From Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience: Encouraging Innovation in Undergraduate Neuroscience Education by Supporting Student Research and Faculty Development, Eric Wiertelak, J. C. Hardwick, M. Kerchner, B. Lom, and J. J. Ramirez

Documents from 2005

Have We Been Searching for Meaning in All the Wrong Places? Defining the "Search After Meaning" Principle in Comprehension, R. Brooke Lea and Debra L. Long

Accessing Distant Premise Information: How Memory Feeds Reasoning, R. Brooke Lea, Elizabeth J. Mulligan, and Jennifer Lee Walton

Social Psychological Foundations of Health and Illness edited by by Jerry Suls and Kenneth A. Wallston (book review), Joan Ostrove

Inspiring or Dispiriting? The Effect of Diet Commercials on Snack Food Consumption in High School and College Aged Women, Cortney S. Warren, Jaine Strauss, Juliette L. Taska, and Stephen J. Sullivan

Documents from 2004

The Power of Perception: Skin Tone Bias and Psychological Well-Being for Black Americans, Kendrick Brown


Essentials of Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences, R. Brooke Lea and Barry H. Cohen

Documents from 2003

There's No Race on the Playing Field: Perceptions of Racial Discimination Among White and Black Athletes, Kendrick Brown, Tony Brown, James Jackson, Robert Sellers, Shelley Keiper, and Warde Manuel

Teammates On and Off the Field?: Interracial Contact and the Racial Attitudes of White Intercollegiate Student-Athletes, Kendrick Brown, Tony Brown, James Jackson, Robert Sellers, and Warde Manuel

Belonging and Wanting: Meanings of Social Class Background for Women's Constructions of their College Experiences, Joan Ostrove

Privileging Class: Toward a Critical Psychology of Social Class in the Context of Education, Joan Ostrove and Elizabeth R. Cole

Representations of Disability and the Interpersonal Relationships of Women with Disabilities, Joan Ostrove and Danette Crawford

Developing the body: a smorgasbord of research (Review of: J. Kevin Thompson and Linda Smolak’s Body image, eating disorders, and obesity in youth), Jaine Strauss


Introductory Neuroscience--Courses in an Evolving Concept, Teaching That Which is Yet to be Truly Defined, Eric Wiertelak

Documents from 2002

Athletic Identity, Racial Attitudes, and Aggression in First Year Black and White Intercollegiate Athletes, Kendrick Brown, J. Jackson, and et al

Do Readers Make Inferences About Conversational Topics?, R. Brooke Lea, Patrick A. Kayser, Elizabeth J. Mulligan, and Jerome L. Myers

The Effect of Negation on Deductive Inferences, R. Brooke Lea and Elizabeth J. Mulligan

College-Educated Women's Personality Development in Adulthood: Perceptions and Age Differences, Joan Ostrove, Alyssa N. Zucker, and Abigail J. Stewart

Male Body Image: Satisfaction and its Relationship to Well-Being Using the Somatomorphic Matrix, Jaine Strauss, Guy Cafri, and Kevin J. Thompson


And The Winner Is: Inviting Hollywood into the Neuroscience Classroom, Eric Wiertelak

Thalidomide Blockade of Lipopolysaccharide- and Lithium Chloride-Induced Hyperalgesias, Eric Wiertelak, D. M. Koski, J. Carriere, S. Stamschror, and S. Robins

Documents from 2001

Contemporary Immigration Policy Orientations Among Dominant- Group Members in Western Europe, Kendrick Brown, James Jackson, Tony Brown, and Bryant Marks

Middle Aging in Women: Patterns of Personality Change from the 30s to the 50s, Joan Ostrove, Abigail J. Stewart, and Ravenna Helson

Documents from 2000


Coloured and Black Relations in South Africa: The Burden of Racial Hierarchy, Kendrick Brown

Being Black and Feeling Blue: The Mental Health Consequences of Racial Discimination, Kendrick Brown, Tony Brown, David Williams, James Jackson, Harold Neighbors, Myriam Torres, and Sherrill Sellers

Objective and Subjective Assessments of SocioEconomic Status and their Relationship to Self-Rated Health in an Ethnically Diverse Sample of Pregnant Women, Joan Ostrove, Nancy E. Adler, Miriam Kuppermann, and Eugene A. Washington

Documents from 1999

Skin Tone and Racial Identity Among African Americans: A Theoretical and Research Framework, Kendrick Brown, G. Ward, T. Lightbourn, and J. Jackson


Traditional and Contemporary Prejudice and Urban Whites’ Support for Affirmative Action and Government Help, Kendrick Brown, David R. Williams, James S. Jackson, Myriam Torres, and Tyrone A. Foreman

Continuing Commitment to Social Change: Portraits of Activism Throughout Adulthood, Joan Ostrove

Socioeconomic Status and Health: What We Know and What We Don't, Joan Ostrove and Nancy E. Adler

Relations Among Socioeconomic Status Indicators and Health for African-Americans and Whites, Joan Ostrove, Pamela Feldman, and Nancy E. Adler

Documents from 1998


Consequences of Skin Tone Bias for African Americans: Resource Attainment and Psychological/Social Functioning, Kendrick Brown

International Perspectives on Prejudice and Racism, Kendrick Brown, J. Jackon, and D. Kirby


Logical Inferences and Comprehension: How Mental-Logic and Text Processing Theories Need Each Other, R. Lea

Who Knows What About Whom: What Role Does Common Ground Play in Accessing Distant Information?, R. Brooke Lea, Robert A. Mason, Jason E. Albrecht, Stacy L. Birch, and Jerome L. Myers

Psychological Predictors of Good Health in Three Longitudinal Samples of Educated Midlife Women, Joan Ostrove, Sally H. Adams, Lillian Kaufman Cartwright, Abigail J. Stewart, and Paul Wink

The Relationship of Socio-Economic Status, Labor Force Participation, and Health Among Men and Women, Joan Ostrove and Nancy E. Adler

Political Participation and Feminist Consciousness Among Women Activists of the 1960s, Joan Ostrove, Elizabeth R. Cole, and Alysa N. Zucker

Women's Personality in Middle Age: Gender, History, and Midcourse Corrections, Joan Ostrove and Abigail J. Stewart

Review of: Joan Jacobs Brumberg, The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls, Jaine Strauss

Neurocircuitry of conditioned inhibition of analgesia: Effects of amygdala, dorsal raphe, ventral medullary, and spinal cord lesions on antianalgesia in the rat, Eric Wiertelak, Linda R. Watkins, Molly McGorry, Jose Martinez, Boyd Schwartz, Dusti Sisk, and Steven F. Maier

Documents from 1997

Predicting Women's Well-Being in Midlife: The Importance of Personality Development and Social Role Involvements, Joan Ostrove, Elizabeth A. Vandewater, and Abigail J. Stewart

Response Style Theory Revisited: Gender Differences and Stereotypes in Rumination and Distraction, Jaine Strauss, Theresa Muday, Karlyn McNall, and Mitchell Wong

Comparison of the effects of nucleus tractus solitarius and ventral medial medulla lesions on illness-induced and subcutaneous formalin-induced hyperalgesias, Eric Wiertelak, B. Roemer, Steven F. Maier, and Linda R. Watkins

Inescapable shock-induced potentiation of morphine analgesia in rats: Involvement of opioid, GABAergic, and serotonergic mechanisms in the dorsal raphe nucleus, Eric Wiertelak, Lorraine C. Sutton, Ruth E. Grahn, Linda R. Watkins, and Steven F. Maier

Reversal of spinal cord non-opiate analgesia by conditioned anti-analgesia in the rat, Eric Wiertelak, Linda R. Watkins, Molly McGorry, Boyd Schwartz, Dusti Sisk, and Steven F. Maier

Documents from 1995

On-line Evidence for Elaborative Logical Inferences in Text, R. Brooke Lea