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This data was gathered at the Water Quality Station - River Lake, which is located at the Macalester College Katharine Ordway Natural History Study Area. The Ordway area is located on the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, 17 miles from Saint Paul, MN. The nearly 300- acre site was established in 1967 by Macalester College with the help of a major gift from Katharine Ordway. For questions about the data, please contact the Macalester College Biology Department.


Contains daily readings for the year indicated. The values include: PAR umol/s/m2, avg wind dir degree, avg windspeed mph, Avg Max Windspeed mph, Avg airtemp C, Avg RH %, Avg BP mmHg, Avg DailyRain in, Avg Rain Duration sec, Avg RainIntensity in/h, Avg Water Temp F, Avg sp cond mS/cm, avg pH, Avg Turb NTU+, Avg ODOSat %, Avg ODO mg/L, Water station PAR umol/s/m2, Avg Water Level m. File format: CSV.