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Tensile Bending Behavior of PVA Fiber and Crumb Rubber Modified Hot Mixture Asphalt


High performance hot mixture asphalt has been tested and utilized to improve total life cycle costs on high traffic roads. This study sought to test three variables and find the optimum dosages of each. First, was the synthetic polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers. Second, a dosage of fine shredded rubber tire (crumb rubber). Third, varying dosages of coarse and fine crumb rubber. A total of 14 mixtures with varying amounts of PVA fiber, coarse, and fine rubber were created and tested for maximum bending stress and fracture energy in a semi-circular bending beam test (SCB test). Both coarse rubber and PVA fibers were found to decrease maximum bending stress and fracture energy. Both tested mechanical properties increased slightly with the optimum dosage of 1% fine rubber.

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