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SHIELD: The HI Mass-Diameter Relation


While galaxies are complex systems, many of their fundamental properties appear to be correlated. One such relation is the HI mass-diameter (MHI -DHI) relation, an empirical correlation between HI diameter and HI mass. This relation appears to hold for massive and gas-rich galaxies regardless of their luminosity or morphological type. However, the low-mass regime of this relation is quite underpopulated by direct observation; it is unknown if the MHI-DHI relation extends into this extreme portion of parameter space. The Survey of HI in Extremely Low-mass Dwarfs (SHIELD) is a multi-wavelength galaxy survey which seeks to explore the properties of sources with extremely low-mass HI reservoirs in order to refine our understanding of galaxies and to populate understudied regions of parameter space. In this work, I use the SHIELD sample to help populate the low-mass regime of the HI mass-diameter relation.

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