In order to investigate the switching characteristics of Resistive Random Access Memory cells (ReRAM) in terms of their thermodynamic free energy properties, we need to build a number of models that replicate the system. This report contains the models used to investigate filament growth patterns based on different boundary conditions applied to the electrode-filament system. Using Comsol Multiphysics software, we determined that when a fixed voltage is applied to each electrode in the electrode-filament system, we should expect filament dissolution that resets our cells into the High Resistance State (HRS). If we instead fix a set amount of charge on each electrode, we expect that filament growth will occur spontaneously, setting our cells into a Low Resistance State (LRS). This report also explores the balance between establishing a fixed voltage between the electrodes too quickly - where filament growth may not occur - while still optimizing the switching time of these cells with an applied voltage pulse.

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