Using images from the GALEX (Galaxy Evolution Explorer) GR6 pipeline (released 2010), as well as the WIYN 3.5m Observatory, we present a survey of the twelve SHIELD galaxies in the far-ultraviolet (FUV, 1500 Å) and near-ultraviolet (NUV, 2200 Å) filters. FUV data were available for eleven of the galaxies, AGC 749237 being the exception. Aperture photometry was performed on each image to determine the AB magnitude in the FUV and NUV filters.These values were then used to calculate flux, luminosity, and star formation rates (SFRs). Similarly, Hα images of each galaxy from WIYN (omitting AGC 749241) were analyzed to determine an SFR from Hα tracers. A comparison of the two star formation indicators for these galaxies suggests the presence of an Hα detriment, and supports previous findings regarding refined conversions for SFRs in extremely low-mass dwarfs.

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