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This thesis presents a port of a lightweight instructional operating system called Embedded Xinu to the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi, an inexpensive credit-card-sized computer, has attracted a large community of hobbyists, researchers, and educators since its release in 2012. However, the system-level software running on the Raspberry Pi has been restricted to two ends of a spectrum: complex modern operating systems such as Linux at one end, and very simple hobbyist operating systems or simple “bare-metal” programs at the other end. This project bridges this gap by porting the Embedded Xinu operating system to the Raspberry Pi. Although simple and designed for educational use, Embedded Xinu supports major features of modern operating systems such as preemptive multitasking and networking. This thesis also presents the addition of new optional features, such as USB support, to Embedded Xinu, and demonstrates major challenges that may arise when writing device drivers for modern hardware.



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