The Mathematics and Computer Science department is the largest department at Macalester. It offers majors and minors in Mathematics and in Computer Science, and a minor in Statistics. There are 12 full-time faculty members in the department and approximately 40 graduating majors each year.

Our mathematics major and minor honor the traditional liberal arts focus on pure mathematics updated with a strong emphasis on applied and computational math. This produces a flexible major that can be tailored to individual interests and ambitions.

Our computer science major and minor cover the theoretical foundations of computation such as automata, algorithms, and languages as well as important areas of application: modern software development, networks, operating systems, parallel programming, databases, and artificial intelligence. Our introductory course sequence prepares students to follow either a theoretical or application-driven path.

Our statistics minor offers students the ability to develop important skills in the analysis of data from varied sources and to master the modern conceptual apparatus that influenced all areas of the natural and social sciences.


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