Deriving from Western and non-Western traditions, Latin America is defined by multiple historical and cultural processes, socio-economic paths, and political trajectories. The Latin American Studies Program at Macalester College acknowledges the complexity that comes from the Region's pre-Columbian past; centuries of colonial domination; and national identities constructed out of indigenous, African and European cultural elements. It also acknowledges the changing role of Latin America within the context of world order.

The interconnectedness of disciplines and the variety of approaches that define the Latin American Studies Program at Macalester are fundamental to the breadth and depth of comprehension that is important in an increasingly complex world. The Program provides excellent preparation for graduate studies, professional careers, and personal enrichment.

The thirteen-course major encompasses multiple dimensions and educational opportunities ranging from interdisciplinary as well as disciplinary formation to global, international and transnational perspectives; and providing breadth across both the social sciences and the humanities as well as language training, study abroad, and an integrative capstone experience.


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