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Honors Project


Research advised by Dr. Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento, PhD and design advised by Trevor Bowen, MFA. Megan Vossler, MFA, Joëlle Vitiello, PhD, and Roopali Phadke, PhD, served as readers.


As the fashion industry became globalized over the past century, it has become a major environment polluter and exposed laborers to hazardous conditions. This honors project considers sustainability in the textile industry at large and at the regional scale of the Upper Midwest. Its scholarly component offers an overview of the current textile production, details how the industry may become sustainable, and suggests practices of environmentally-conscious and ethical design. The creative component is a soil-to-soil seasonless capsule collection titled From Field View that incorporates biomimicry and interrogates the concept of place by referencing the Midwest’s flora, wool, and linen fibers.



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