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The film “Racing Romance” is a study of Asian female and non-Asian male intimacy. The film is based on an understanding that intimacy, desire and love are critical parts of one’s self-identification, while these desires are inevitably influenced by the historical and social contexts of race to varying degrees. There has been a limited academic interest in the female agency of Asian women in interracial intimacy. Too often, interracial marriages and relationships are simply celebrated as part of multiculturalism or anti-racism, without getting proper attention to the subtleties of racial and gendered dynamics that influence both members of the relationship. This film is dedicated to providing platform for Asian women to talk about their experiences and the construction of their identities, while interrogating the gendered and racialized strategies they employ in response to existing stereotypes. The film adopts stylistic features of essay film and reflexive cinema, emphasizing the transparency of relationship between the film and the viewers. Through its content and form, “Racing Romance” attempts to connect the audience through shared Asian womanhood.



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