Manglesh Dabral

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Manglesh Dabral is a poet, journalist and translator. He is the author of five collections of poems, two collections of literary essays and sociocultural commentary, and a book of conversations. He also published a travel account of his experiences in the USA, where he resided for three months as a University of Iowa International Writing Program Fellow in 1991. His poems have been widely translated, and a selection from his collection, This Number Does Not Exist, was published by Poetrywala in India and BOA Editios, Rochester, New York. He has participated in numerous poetry festivals in India and Europe, and one of his poems was engraved at the entrance door of the city centre in Eislingen, Germany.


Nirupama Dutt is a poet writing in Punjabi. She is also a well-known translator from Punjabi into English. Her translation of revolutionary Punjabi poet Lal Singh Dil and an anthology of Punjabi short stories are published by Penguin. Nirupama lives in Chandigarh, where she also works as a journalist. Sarabjeet Garcha is a bilingual poet writing in English and Hindi. He translates from Hindi and Marathi into English. He has published three collections of poems in English and participated in various literature festivals. Sarabjeet lives in Delhi.

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