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I have tried to respectfully represent the work that I understand each of my case study organizations to be engaged in, and their relationship to the pursuit of spatial justice. I take full responsibility for any misrepresentations of people or concepts. I welcome any question, concern, critique, or comment you might have of this project. Contact me at


Focusing on two community-based organizations’ roles in producing urban place, this thesis contributes to the “New Urban Politics” literature that explores the neoliberal governance of space. Synthesizing participant observation, informant interviews and ideas introduced in Henri Lefebvre’s Production of Space my thesis explores the possibility of aesthetic practices rooted in everyday life to create alternate subjectivities of people and place. While both organizations engage urban governance in ways that do not directly contest neoliberalization, they each affirm participants as agents in the production of urban place in ways that can destabilize the marketization of everyday life.



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