Submissions from 2017


Building research skills in the Macalester economics major, J. Peter Ferderer and Gary Krueger

Documents from 2013

First of the Month Effect: Does it apply across food retail channels?, Amy L. Damon, Rob King, and Ephraim Liebtag


The Effectiveness of Providing Evidenced-based Perinatal Practice To Low-income Populations Providing Perinatal Care: Does Patient Income Influence the Delivery of Quality Care?, Amy L. Damon, Carmen D. Parrotta, Lindsey A. Wallace, and William Riley

Prices, Poaching, and Protein Alternatives: An analysis of bushmeat consumption around Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Dennis Rentsch and Amy Damon

Documents from 2012

Foreign Exchange Rates, Liang Ding

Thursday Effect of the Forward Premium Puzzle, Liang Ding

Exchange Rates and Oil Prices: A Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Analysis, Liang Ding and Minh Vo

Semi-Transparency, Dealership Market and Foreign Exchange Market Quality, Liang Ding, Hao Zou, and Vittorio Addona

Public trust, taxes and the informal sector, Ceyhun Elgin and Mario Solis-Garcia


Teaching International Trade by Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice, Raymond Robertson


Sewing Success? Employment, Wages, and Poverty Following the End of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement., Raymond Robertson and Gladys Lopez-Acevedo

Documents from 2011

Valuing the benefits of the education provided by public universities: A case study of Minnesota, Amy L. Damon and Paul Glewwe

Asymmetric correlations in equity returns: a fundamental-based explanation, Liang Ding, Hiroyoki Miyake, and Hao Zou


Employment and Wage Responses to Trade Shocks: Evidence from Mexico during the 2008-09 U.S. Recession, David S. Kaplan, Daniel Lederman, and Raymond Robertson


Displaced Workers and Unemployment Insurance in Mexico: Preparing for the Next Crisis, David S. Kaplan and Raymond Robertson


Mexico: A Liberalization Leader?, Raymond Robertson


Better Factories Cambodia – An Instrument for Improving Industrial Relations in a Transnational Context, Arianna Rossi and Raymond Robertson

Documents from 2010

Is Mexico a Lumpy Country?, Andrew B. Bernard, Raymond Robertson, and Peter Schott

Agricultural Land Use and Asset Accumulation in Migrant Households: The Case of El Salvador, Amy L. Damon

The electronic trading systems and bid-ask spreads in the foreign exchange market, Liang Ding and Jonas Hiltrop


The Forward Premium Puzzle across Maturities, Liang Ding and Linh To

Tax and Subsidy Combinations for the Control of Car Pollution, Don Fullerton and Sarah E. West


China and the Manufacturing Exports of Other Developing Countries, Raymond Robertson and Gordon H. Hanson

A Reevaluation of the Effect of Human Capital Accumulation on Economic Growth Using Natural Disasters as an Instrument, Raymond Robertson, Hideki Toya, and Mark Skidmore

Should Distributional Considerations Hold up Higher Gasoline Taxes?, Sarah E. West

Taxes versus Standards: Policies for the Reduction of Gasoline Consumption, Sarah E. West

Documents from 2009

Three Proposals to Improve Education in the LAC Region: Estimates of the Costs and Benefits of Each Strategy, Amy L. Damon and Paul Glewwe



Glass Ceilings and 100-Hour Couples: What the Opt-Out Phenomenon Can Teach Us About Work and Family, Karine S. Moe


Glass Ceilings and 100-Hour Couples: What the Opt-Out Phenomenon Can Teach Us About Work and Family, Karine S. Moe and Dianna J. Shandy

Fiscal and Externality Rationales for Alcohol Policies, Ian W. H. Parry, Sarah E. West, and Ramanan Laxminarayan


Estimating International Labor Complementarity: Some Preliminary Results, Raymond Robertson


Globalization, Wages, and the Quality of Jobs: Five Country Studies, Raymond Robertson, Drusilla Brown, Gaëlle Pierre, and Laura Sanchez-Puerta


Gravity, Bilateral Agreements, and Trade Diversion in the Americas, Raymond Robertson and Antoni Estevadeordal

Purchasing Power Parity and Aggregation Bias for a Developing Country: The Case of Mexico, Raymond Robertson, Anil Kumar, and Donald H. Dutkowsky


Globalization and Working Conditions: Case Study of Honduras, Raymond Robertson and Douglas Marcouiller


Globalization and Working Conditions: Evidence from Cambodia, Raymond Robertson and Samsen Neak


Globalization and Working Conditions: Evidence from Indonesia, Raymond Robertson, Sari Sitalaksmi, Poppy Ismalina, and Ardyanto Fitrady


The Effects of Globalization on Working Conditions: El Salvador 1995-2005, Raymond Robertson and Alvaro Trigueros-Argüello


Should Distributional Considerations Hold Up Higher Gasoline Taxes?, Sarah E. West


Alcohol-Leisure Complementarity: Empirical Estimates and Implications for Tax Policy, Sarah E. West and Ian W.H. Parry

Fiscal and Externality Rationales for Alcohol Policies, Sarah E. West, Ian W. Parry, and Ramanan Laxminarayan

Documents from 2008

Children and Development, Amy L. Damon and Paul Glewwe

Advances in Communication Technology and Growth of American Over-The-Counter Markets, J. Peter Ferderer

Testing Rosen's Sequential Elimination Tournament Model: Incentives and Player Performance in Professional Tennis, Keith F. Gilsdorf and Vasant A. Sukhatme


China and the Recent Evolution of Latin America s Manufacturing Exports, Gordon Hanson and Raymond Robertson

Marking Time: An Analysis of Youth Hours of Work and Study in Urban Mexico, Karine S. Moe, Deborah Levison, and Felicia Knaul

Measuring Married Women “Opting Out”, Karine S. Moe and Diana J. Shandy


Labor Market Implications of Globalization in Mexico, Raymond Robertson

Documents from 2007

Institutional innovation and the creation of liquid financial markets: The case of the American over-the-counter market, J. Peter PETER FERDERER

Mexican Employment Dynamics: Evidence from Matched Firm-Worker Data, David S. Kaplan, Gabriel Martínez González, and Raymond Robertson

Trade and wages: Two puzzles from Mexico, Raymond Robertson

Optimal taxation and cross-price effects on labor supply: Estimates of the optimal gas tax, Sarah E. West and Roberton C. Williams

Optimal taxation and cross-price effects on labor supply: Estimates of the optimal gas tax, Sarah E. West and Roberton C. Williams

Documents from 2006

Women and the economy: Family, work, and pay; Book Review, Karine S. Moe

Open Space, Residential Property Values, and Spatial Context, Sarah E. West and Soren T. Anderson

Documents from 2005

What Happens to Wages after Displacement?, David S. Kaplan, Gabriel Martinez Gonzalez, and Raymond Robertson

Equity Implications of Vehicle Emissions Taxes, Sarah E. West


Environmental Issues in Latin America and the Caribbean, Sarah E. West and Aldemaro Romero

The Cost of Reducing Gasoline Consumption, Sarah E. West and Roberton C. Williams III

Documents from 2004


Do Preferential Trade Agreements Matter for Trade? FTAA and the Pattern of Trade, A. Estevadeordal and Raymond Robertson


Enterprise Restructuring and the Role of Managers in Russia, Gary Krueger

The Dynamics of Informal Employment, Karine S. Moe and Jane Ihrig

Relative Prices and Wage Inequality: Evidence from Mexico, Raymond Robertson

Exposure to Foreign Markets and Plant-Level Innovation: Evidence from Chile and Mexico, Raymond Robertson and R. Alvarez

Distributional Effects of Alternative Vehicle Pollution Control Policies, Sarah E. West


Empirical Estimates for Environmental Policy in a Second-Best Setting, Sarah E. West and R. Williams

Estimates from a Consumer Demand System: Implications for the Incidence of Environmental Taxes, Sarah E. West and R. Williams

Documents from 2003

Institutional Innovation and the Creation of Liquid Financial Markets: The case of Bankers’ Acceptances, 1914-1934, J. Peter PETER FERDERER

Public Finance Solutions to Vehicle Emissions Problems in California, Don Fullerton and Sarah E. West


Women, family, and work : writings in the economics of gender, Karine S. Moe

Exchange Rates and Relative Wages: Evidence from Mexico.", Raymond Robertson

La distribucion de las participaciones a las entidades federativas en Mexico: simulaciones de un esquema alternativo, Mario Solis-Garcia, Jorge Ibarra, and Alfred Sandoval


Market-based Policies for Pollution Control in Latin America, Sarah E. West and Ann Wolverton

Documents from 2002

Liquidity provision by market makers and financial crisis: The case of the Great Depression, J. PETER FERDERER and KYLE RITCHIE

Can Taxes on Cars and on Gasoline Mimic an Unavailable Tax on Emissions, Don Fullerton and Sarah E. West


Build your boat before the Flood: Contingency Planning in Higher Education, Gary Krueger and Craig Aasse

Virtual Reality: Barter and Restructuring in Russian Industry, Gary Krueger and Susan Linz

Gender, power and the household, Karine S. Moe


Regional Integration and Wage Inequality,Inter-American Development Bank, Raymond Robertson

Labor adjustment costs in a destination country: the case of Mexico, Raymond Robertson and D. H. Dutkowsky


Does Border Enforcement Protect U.S. Workers from Illegal Immigration?, Raymond Robertson; G. Hanson, G.; and et al.

Documents from 2001

Recommendation effects in the stock market of China, Liang Ding


Does Border Enforcement Protect U.S. Workers From Illegal Immigration?, Gordon Hanson, Raymond Robertson, and Antonio Spilimbergo

Youth education and work in Mexico, D. Levison, Karine S. Moe, and F. M. Knaul

Tax Policies and Informal Employment: The Asian Experience, Karine S. Moe

Documents from 2000

On the need for gender in dynamic models, C. Echevarria and Karine S. Moe

The influence of government policies on informal labor: Implications for long-run growth, J. Ihrig and Karine S. Moe


Inter-Industry Wage Differentials Across Time, Borders, and Trade Regimes: Evidence from the U.S. and Mexico, Raymond Robertson

"Trade liberalisation and wage inequality: Lessons from the Mexican experience, Raymond Robertson


Wage shocks and North American labor-market integration, Raymond Robertson

Review of Energy, Economics, and the Environment by Fred Bosselman, Jim Rossi, and Jacqueline Lang Weaver, Sarah E. West


Tax and Subsidy Combinations for the Control of Car Pollution, Sarah E. West


The Impact of NAFTA and the WTO on Chiapas and Southern Mexico: Hypotheses and Preliminary Evidence, Sarah E. West and M. Conroy

Documents from 1999

An Empirical Research on the Exchange Rate Bubbles in Southeast Asian Countries, Liang Ding

To raise the golden anchor? Financial crises and uncertainty during the Great Depression, J. PETER FERDERER and DAVID A. ZALEWSKI

Documents from 1998

Increasing Liquidity and the Declining Predictive Power of the Paper-Bill Spread, J. Peter PETER FERDERER, STEPHEN C. VOGT, and RAVI CHAHIL

Enterprise Restructuring in Russia’s Transition Economy, Gary Krueger


Russia's non-Capitalist Market Economy, Gary Krueger

A note on initial conditions and liberalization during transition, Gary Krueger and M. Ciolko