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Advisor: Dr. Paul J. Fischer (Macalester College)


Allylpalladium and allylnickel compounds containing group VI-group X metal-metal bonds were synthesized using the (2-(diphenylphosphino)ethyl)cyclopentadienyl (CpPPh) bridging ligand to kinetically stabilize these bonds. As with Pd(η3-allyl)Cl(PPh3), reaction of M’{M(η3-allyl)}(CO)3(μ-η5:η1-CpPPh) (M’ = Cr, Mo, or W; M = Ni or Pd) with phenyl and trityl radicals produced only 4,4,4-triphenyl-1-butene (trityl allyl), the trityl radical-allyl coupling product. However, the reaction appears to occur through a different mechanism. A possible heterobimetallic effect renders the conversions to trityl allyl different for each group VI metal.



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