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Grenzenlos Deutsch, an open online curriculum for beginning German

This full-year curriculum is intended as a no-cost alternative to current, more traditional textbooks in the field. It mixes materials rooted in real-world, contemporary communication scenarios, multimedia content, and online learning activities.The Grenzenlos curriculum ensures that the topics of discussion in the language classroom are relevant to and reflect today’s world.

This project was made possible with grant funding and due to the dedication of former librarian, Ron Joslin. Many additional library staff members including Jacki Betsworth and Erin Porter along with many student employees contributed to this project either by managing images or producing/editing videos and text.

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German Language and Literature



  • Familie Und Freunde
  • Einkaufen Und Essen
  • Reisen Und Transport
  • Ort: In Der Stadt Und Auf Dem Land
  • Umwelt Und Nachhaltigkeit
  • Soziale Gerechtigkeit

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Grenzenlos Deutsch