Documents from 2013

Provocative Texts: Li Zhi, Montaigne, and the Promotion of Critical Judgment in Early Modern Readers, Rivi Handler-Spitz

Documents from 2012


The Importance of Cannibalism: Montaigne's Essays as a Vehicle for the Cultural Translation of Chineseness in Lin Yutang's The Importance of Living, Rivi Handler-Spitz

Kakikotoba no naka no hanashikotoba: Yangu adaruto shoosetsu ni okeru setsurensa no bunseki, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2011

Review of Artistic and Cultural Exchanges Between Europe and Asia, 1400-1900. Michael North, Ed., Rivi Handler-Spitz

Documents from 2010

Short Prose Forms in a Global Sixteenth-Century Context, Rivi Handler-Spitz

Documents from 2009


Review of 'The Literature of Leisure and Chinese Modernity,' by Charles A. Laughlin, Frederik H. Green

Between the Colonial and the Postcolonial, Christopher Scott


Vernacular style writing: Strategic blurring of the boundary between spoken and written discourse in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2008

Li Zhi’s Relativism and Skepticism in the Multicultural Late Ming, Rivi Handler-Spitz

Expressivity of vagueness: Alienation in verb-tari suru construction, Satoko Suzuki

Review of Japanese Language in Use: An Introduction by Toshiko Yamaguchi, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2006


Emotive Communication in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki


Emotive communication in Japanese: An introduction, Satoko Suzuki

Quotative topic markers in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki


Surprise and disapproval: On how societal views of the outside correlate with linguistic expressions, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2002

Self-mockery in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 2000

Japanese complementizers: Interactions between basic characteristics and contextual factors, Satoko Suzuki


Surprise and Animosity: The Use of the copula da in quotative sentences in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1999

Marker of unexpected statement: An analysis of the quotative particle datte, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1998


Pejorative connotation: A case of Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Tte and nante: Markers of psychological distance in Japanese conversation, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1997

The relevance of factivity to complementizer choice in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1996

An analysis of tte- and to-yuu-no-wa-marked phrases in Japanese discourse, Satoko Suzuki

Functions of tte- and to yuu no wa-marked pharases in Japanese discourse, Satoko Suzuki


Incorporation of information and complementizers in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki

Documents from 1995

A study of the sentence-final mitai na, Satoko Suzuki

The functions of topic-encoding zero-marked phrases: A study of the interaction among topic-encoding phrases in Japanese, Satoko Suzuki