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North American photographer Catherine Opie and South African photographers Zanele Muholi and Jean Brundrit create art that documents the lived experiences of queer and LGBTI-identified individuals and communities. Although their varying geographic and cultural specificities contribute to diverse representations, this research applies a queer transnational methodology to analyze how each artist uses the body as a site for re-visualizing queer identities. Employing cultural theorist, José Esteban Muñoz’s conception of a queer futurity reveals how these artistic projects resist the majoritarian politics of the present and envision potential utopian spaces of transformation. By embracing collectivity, belonging, and difference, the photographs enact an enduring search for meaning and resilience in alternative community. The art of Opie, Muholi, and Brundrit testifies to how contemporary queer art extends beyond national and cultural borders to foster transnational interventions into heteropatriarchal discourses.



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