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My Studio Art honors project seeks to question the delineation between art, craft, and design and the lack of value placed on most everyday objects. While in our society homes are seen as an investment to be maintained and passed down, almost none of the objects that fill said home receive this level of care leading to mass consumerism of objects made merely to fit a function, not to last or hold their value. Valuation is a set of dining room furniture made of red oak and white ash accompanied by a full set of ceramic dinnerware and napkins. The table has three large interchangeable ceramic inserts along the center and is flanked by two benches and two chairs at either end. On top of the table is arranged a full set of ceramic plates, bowls, and cups all glazed to match the inserts and a set of accompanying linen napkins. Arranged to create a scene halfway between a home and a showroom with viewers encouraged to interact as much as they wish with the pieces. This project seeks to disrupt the often inaccessible, sterile and imposing nature of modern art galleries.



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