The Macalester College Oral History Project offers rich and varied perspectives on the history of Macalester and the people and events who have made the College what it is. Audio and videotaped interviews provide a permanent record of the stories and memories of Macalester community members, and serve as a rich supplement to College records maintained by the Archives.

Started in January of 2007 under the auspices of the DeWitt Wallace Library, the Archives, and Media Services, the project will collect interviews with retired faculty and their spouses or partners; former Trustees, administrators, and staff; alumni; newly tenured faculty; and other members of the Macalester community. Through these living histories, interviewees will share recollections of their experiences at Macalester, as well as their perceptions on the history of the school, contributions of its community members, and the college’s role in and response to political, social, and economic issues and events of the time.

Macalester Oral History Interviews