Documents from 2010

Time and the Constitution of Markets: Internal Dynamics and External Relations of Stock Exchanges in Fiji, Ghana, and Iceland, Erik Larson


Die eurozentrissche Sozialtheorie „kaputtdenken, Khaldoun Samman

Invisibilizing Palestinians, Khaldoun Samman


The Clash of Modernities: The Islamist Challenge to Jewish, Turkish, and Arab Nationalists, Khaldoun Samman

“The Temporal Template of Tourism: A Comparative Analysis of Epcot Center (Orlando, Florida) and Wadi Rum (Jordan)”, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2009

Dilemmas of Nation-Building in Post-Colonial, Racially Divided States, Erik Larson

Nation-Building in Post-Colonial Nation-States: The Cases of Tanzania and Fiji, Erik Larson and Ronald Aminzade

Zionism and the Nationalization of Jerusalem, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2008

Reproducing Disengagement: Citizens' Orientations, the News Media, and Democracy in Fiji, Erik Larson


“Islam and the Modern Orientalist World-System”, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2007


Regulatory Rights: Emergent Indigenous Peoples' Rights as a Locus of Global Regulation, Erik Larson

Documents from 2006

Case Characteristics and Defendant Default in a Housing Court, Erik Larson


“Assimilating to Power in Two Different World-Systems: An Analysis of Paul and Herzl”, Khaldoun Samman


“The Social Origins of Universalistic Monotheism: A Comparative Analysis of Paul and Muhammad”, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2005

“Towards a Non-Essentialist Pedagogy of ‘Islam’”, Khaldoun Samman

Documents from 2003

Indigenous Capitalists: The Development of Indigenous Investment Companies in Relation to Class, Ethnicity, and the State in Malaysia and Fiji, Erik Larson and Samuel Zalanga