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The Doctor


Pema Tseden

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Pema Tseden (born in 1969 in Amdo Tibet, Qinghai province) has reached a relative fame on the art world scene as the leading Tibetan art filmmaker of the 2000s and 2010s. His three feature films (The Silent Holy Stone, 2004; Looking for Drime Kunden, 2009; Old Dog, 2011) have won acclaim and reaped prizes at international art film festivals. For those who follow the film scene, Pema Tseden is thus primarily a filmmaker. Still, Pema Tseden began his public and artistic career as a fiction writer. He published his first short story, “Men and Dog” (Mi dang khyi) in 1994, and has been writing continuously since then. Two collections of his short stories have been published so far in Tibetan language and a number of his works have also been translated into English, French, Japanese and German.

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