HIMALAYA, Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, publishes peer reviewed original research articles, short field reports, book and film reviews, reports on meetings and conferences, alongside literature and photo essays from the region.

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HIMALAYA submissions are reviewed using a double blind peer review process. Should you be invited to revise and resubmit your article, or if your article is accepted with minor revisions, the peer review process will involve uploading revised versions of your manuscript. You are asked to follow provided links to upload revised submissions under the same manuscript number. Please refrain from submitting a revision as a "new article submission."

HIMALAYA promotes the sharing of information, and we therefore encourage the reproduction and onward dissemination of HIMALAYA material. You can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text of any HIMALAYA articles. HIMALAYA provides full open access to its authors and readers. Publishing with and reading HIMALAYA is free of charge.

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  • However, we may also agree to requests to adapt material on this site and in HIMALAYA – for example, to translate it into another language – but please contact us at himalaya@anhs-himalaya.org to ask permission beforehand.

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