Documents from 2014

A Position Embedded in Identity: Subalternity in Neoliberal Globalization, Sonita Sarker

Subalternity in and out of Time, in and out of History, Sonita Sarker

Documents from 2013


Lesbian/Queer Bathhouse Culture and the Organization of (Im)Personal Sex, Corie J. Hammers

On Remaning Minor in Modernisms: The Future of Women's Literature, Sonita Sarker

Documents from 2012


A Radical Opening: An Exploration of Lesbian/Queer BDSM Public Sexual Cultures, Corie J. Hammers

A Radical Opening: An Exploration of Lesbian/Queer BDSM Public Sexual Cultures, Corie J. Hammers

Woolf and Theories of Postcolonialism, Sonita Sarker

Documents from 2011

The Privilege of Perversities: Race, Class, and Education Among Polyamorists and Kinksters, Elisabeth Sheff and Corie J. Hammers

Documents from 2010

Corporeal Silences and Bodies that Speak: The Promises and Limitations of Queer in Lesbian/Queer Sexual Spaces, Corie J. Hammers

Ethnographic Research in Sexualized Settings, Corie J. Hammers

The Racial (Re)Production of Sexed Spaces, Corie J. Hammers

Review of Maureen McNeil's Feminist Cultural Studies of Science and Technology, Sonita Sarker

Documents from 2009

An Examination of Lesbian/Queer Bathhouse Culture and the Social Organization of Im/Personal Sex, Corie J. Hammers

But I Love Men: How Young Women Leverage Heteronormativity to Negotiate Feminist Stigma, Corie J. Hammers

'But I Love Men’: How Young Women Leverage Heteronormativity to Negotiate Feminist Stigma, Corie J. Hammers

Queer Exclusions and Corporeal Silences, Corie J. Hammers

Space, Agency and the Transfiguring of Lesbian/Queer Desire, Corie J. Hammers

The Privilege of Perversities, Corie J. Hammers and Elisabeth Sheff

Charting a Course: Access and Orthodoxies in Higher Education (In Progress), Sonita Sarker

Gwendolyn Bennett and Victoria Ocampo Capture the Continents, Sonita Sarker

India Recalled: A Memoir by Cornelia Sorabji (In Progress), Sonita Sarker

Natives Making Modernity: Early 20th Century Women Intellectuals on Justice, Sonita Sarker

Documents from 2008

Is it Really Just About Being More Like a Fag? Confronting the Gay Male Model Mantra, Corie J. Hammers

Making Space for an Agentic Sexuality? The Examination of a Lesbian/Queer Bathhouse, Corie J. Hammers

Documents from 2007


American Council on Education Fellowship, 2007-2008, Sonita Sarker

Introduction, sonita sarker


“Race, Nation, and Modernity: The Anti-Colonial Consciousness of Modernism.”, sonita sarker

Sustainable Feminisms, sonita sarker

Documents from 2006


"Feminism and Globalization.", sonita sarker

Modernisms in our Image...Always, Partially., Sonita Sarker

Documents from 2005

Review of: Women's Experience of Modernity, 1875-1945 co-edited by Ann Ardis and Leslie W. Lewis, sonita sarker

Documents from 2004

Post/Colonial Modernisms, sonita sarker

Review of: Nancy Cunard's Essays on Race and Empire, edited by Maureen Moynagh, sonita sarker

Documents from 2003

Review of: Disciplining Feminism: From Social Activism to Academic Discourse by Ellen Messer-Davidow, sonita sarker

Documents from 2002


Introduction, sonita sarker

Moving target: The study of diaspora opens up a multitude of paradoxes, shifting identities and intellectual challenges, sonita sarker

Review of: May her Likes be Multiplied: Biography and Gender Politics in Egypt by Marilyn Booth, sonita sarker

Review of: Using the Master's Tools: Resistance and the Literature of the African and South Asian Diasporas by Anuradha Dingwaney Needham, sonita sarker


Trans-Status Subjects: Gender in the Globalization of South and Southeast Asia, sonita sarker


Unruly subjects: Cornelia Sorabji and Ravinder Randhawa, sonita sarker

Documents from 2001


Legacies of Strength. Afterword, sonita sarker

Locating a Native Englishness in Virginia Woolf's *The London Scene.*, Sonita Sarker

Review of: Virginia Woolf's Essays by Elena Gualtieri, sonita sarker

Documents from 2000

Larger Than Bengal: Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain and 20th century Global Feminist Modernity, Sonita Sarker


Three Guineas, an In-corporated Intellectual, and a Nostalgia for the Human, sonita sarker

Documents from 1999

In Sisterhood?: Women’s Studies and Activism, sonita sarker

Documents from 1997

An Unharmonious Trio? Georg Lukács, Music, and Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts, sonita sarker


Terrae Incognitae: Global Feminism, Canons, and the Case of Brazil, sonita sarker

Documents from 1996


Bessie Head, sonita sarker