Terrain: A Dance for the Camera (Video)

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Synopsis: A solo figure, a duet, a quintet: bodies in wind, water, ether, fire and earth. The camera captures the intricacies of skin and the metallic glow of moss growing on trees. A movement journey through reeds, river and burnt landscapes.

Produced and Directed by Becky Heist.
Choreography by Becky Heist & The Dancers.
Dancing by Brian Evans, Kaori Kenmotsu, Krista Langberg, Galen Treuer, Roxane Wallace.
Music composed by The Orange Mighty Trio: Mike Vasich, Zach Kline, & Nick Gaudette.
Filmmaker Angus Kittler Reid.
Grantor by Macalester College.

(St. Paul, MN, USA) Length: 6 minutes.

Filmed at the Macalester College Ordway Natural History Study Area, the Fort Snelling State Park, the Wild River State Park and the Mississippi River.

Screened at the Southern Theater in the CinemaRevolution Dance Film Festival, Minneapolis, MN and at Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema, Boulder Colorado.

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