Tapestries: Interwoven voices of local and global identities

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A Shift in Perspective


My piece represents the manifestation of my appreciation for hip-hop music and my introversion. Firstly, the narration style seeks to engulf the reader within the main character’s mind space. The stream of consciousness approach wishes to act a guide for the reader throughout the story. In many ways, I see aspects of myself within the main character. Particularly, in how the character rationalizes various incidents in his life through rap lyrics. I believe that aspect signifies how music, as a whole, can be representative of human society and life. It also serves as an extension to my own personal Mellon-Mays research, which examines hip-hop in a wider spectrum. A short story format was chosen because I felt a more creative avenue would allow me to demonstrate my own person connection with the music. I felt that a more academic styling would not be the best avenue to display the work.


Ryan Harris, 20, is a Junior studying Educational Studies and American Studies at Macalester College. He hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to being a Mellon-Mays fellow, he co-chairs the Black Liberation Affairs Committee (BLAC) at Macalester, which seeks to bring and discuss the issues of African Diasporic people with the wider campus community.

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