Tapestries: Interwoven voices of local and global identities


Statement of Purpose

This is my first attempt at synthesizing my experience as a student of race and power during a time of total system failure, mass resistance to systems of racial capitalism and state violence, and settler desecration of the Earth. As a pre-service educator at a time when schools are a site of contestation over whether our children should be taught about power and oppression, whether or not all of our children should be allowed to learn freely, whether transgender children have the right to exist at all. As an organizer, human being, and young person who is coming into himself during a period of immense change and inescapably visible suffering. It is my attempt at testimony.

As my struggle to align my actions to my values continues, I hope I might return to this piece as a marker of my own development. At its core, I am taking this work as an opportunity to share what I have learned with all those who have aided me in the process of becoming more fully human; my mentors, educators, friends, and – most importantly – my family.

Author Biography

A.R.S. Lee (he/him) is an American Studies major in the Macalester College class of 2023 from Pasadena, CA. His focus is on liberatory education and social movements and intends on becoming a K-12 educator after graduation.

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