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Statement of Purpose

As someone who has grown up in Milwaukee, the history of the city has always been important to the story of my family. As a Socialist, historian, and avid urbanist, the topic of Sewer Socialism became an inevitable project for study. The purpose of this project is to highlight the history of change and liberation in the United States. I see the Milwaukee Socialists as a prime example of that history and what a truly representative coalition-based government can be. This paper aims to be an introductory overview to the study of the history of German immigration, the socialist press, socialism in Milwaukee, and more. The topics discussed in the paper are highlighted with the hope of possible inspiration for the modern socialist movement in building coalitions. In this current era of American life, there is currently the largest push for unionization in the last fifty years. As always true in the history of the United States there are large immigrant populations all over the country. The advent of social media has opened the door to the press being used to advance the socialist cause. Looking back upon the history of a movement like the Sewer Socialists can teach valuable lessons to the next generation of leaders.

Author Biography

Nicholas Howland (he/him) is a graduating senior American Studies major, History minor, and Legal Studies concentration at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and spends most of his time engaging in urbanist and socialist scholarship and debate.

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