Tapestries: Interwoven voices of local and global identities


Statement of Purpose:

Navigating an elite higher education institution has ignited a reaction of rage, a desire for change, and a hope for liberation for me and my peers. My last four years have been clouded by the exhausting cycles of struggling through college, drowning in imposter syndrome, and feeling the cold absence of honest conversation on the adverse layered realities of first-generation college students embedded in these institutions. These cycles left in a puddle of rage with no outlet. This paper is that outlet, grown from my efforts to speak up and bring awareness of the silenced students forced to navigate college in isolation. My hope is for liberation from the restraints of oppressive institutions, and I know that we cannot get there if we don’t discuss why we haven’t gotten there- while also honoring and validating those who are brave enough to do so. First-generation (first-gen) students deserve to have an equitable education, and I aim to address and shorten the dissonance between the facade the higher ed puts out and the lived experiences and sad truths of those navigating it through the practice of oral history. I hope to be able to build this paper to function as an alleviating source of honesty and support gifted to first-gen students currently at Mac, and those to come after. Lastly, I am writing this paper for myself. I feel that throughout my time at Mac I lost a piece of myself to this institution. This evoked the unrelenting need for me to investigate what role our college played in contributing to the loss of what used to be mine through institution-generated turmoil.

Author Biography

Authors Biography: Abby Green (they/she) graduated in December 2022 with a major in American Studies, a minor in History and Political Science, and a concentration in Community and Global Health. They are a first-generation college student from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. After graduation, they will be working in the field of harm reduction, hoping to move toward liberation through direct community work.

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