Tapestries: Interwoven voices of local and global identities


The imagination is not a foil to reality, but holds potential for re-envisioning an existing one. The term “radical” in radical imagination implies action. We cannot just imagine and stop there. In order for the imagination to become a tool for (personal/ communal/ global) liberation, it needs to be paired with action. There is no such thing as the “standard” or the “conventional” because it is constructed by those in power. Because of this, the radical imagination has existed for years in the language of the oppressed. Drawing from Black and Indigenous thought and practice, personal experience and work, we can see how the radical imagination is born out of necessity. There is no one way of imagining so this is a collection of various imaginations.

Author Biography

Nicole (Nic) Salazar is an Art History and American Studies double major with a minor in Educational Studies at Macalester college.