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Disruption as Care Work


This paper discusses disruption as a tool to care for ourselves and each other in a capitalist system. Through the lens of capitalism, our well being is only useful to the point of maximizing our productivity. To challenge this notion and demand our needs be met beyond allowing us to produce labor is an act of disruption. Examining self care as a practice co-opted by capitalism, this paper uses the author’s experiences as a framework to explore ideas around acceptable advocacy as opposed to disruptive action. The paper connects sources discussing anticapitalist self care to sources about community care and direct action. It concludes with questions about how to go about caring for ourselves and each other beyond enabling our participation in a capitalist system.

Author Biography

Cleveland L. is a senior American Studies major at Macalester College. They are a white nonbinary person who grew up in Chicago, IL and have lived in the Twin Cities for the last four years. They hope that care work will be a primary component of their future career.

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