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Black quarterbacks have faced stereotypes and biases about their performance for decades. While Black quarterbacks are more common in the NFL nowadays, it is not clear whether their performance is being evaluated without bias. Black quarterbacks are often discussed in ways that emphasize their physical abilities but criticize their mental attributes. This current study sought to investigate the effect of race on quarterback evaluation. Study 1 examined the effect of race on fans’ evaluations of quarterbacks; Study 2 looked at the effect of race on evaluations by high school football coaches. Participants completed an online experiment in which they were presented with identical player profiles, except for manipulations of race and perceived athleticism, then were asked to listen to in-game commentary about the player and evaluate his performance. Player race affected the fans’ evaluations of quarterbacks, but not coaches’ evaluations. Future research would benefit from the use of visual stimuli and samples of participants who work in higher levels of football to increase generalizability of findings.



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