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Leoncino and UGC 5186


AGC 198691 is commonly known as the Leoncino Dwarf and is one of the most metal poor galax- ies known. An Arecibo observation in 2011 first suggested that Leoncino could be gravitationally interacting with its neighbor UGC 5186. In this paper new VLA data is used to examine the H I com- ponent of both galaxies to determine their gravitational relationship. Although the VLA could not confirm intragalactic gas seen by Aricebo, the H I density and velocity components are strong indirect evidence of gravitational interaction. UGC 5186 has a large gaseous arm reaching in the direction of Leoncino. Additionally both galaxies have nearly identical recessional velocities. This conclusion may help to understand the evolutionary track of these galaxies, and it also sheds light onto Leoncino’s location in the Luminosity-Metallicity relation.

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