Gas phase diatomic gold sulfide, AuS, was analyzed using optical spectroscopy. High-resolution spectra were collected and characterized and a global fit of the A2+-X23/2 (0,0), B2-X23/2 (0,0), and C2Δ3/2-X21/2 (0,0) transitions at 15570 cm-1, 16290 cm-1, and 17670 cm-1 was compiled and resulted in rotational constant determinations for the A2+((2σ)1(4π)4), B2((2σ)2(4π)2(2σ*)1), and C2Δ3/2((2σ)2(4π)2(2σ*)1) upper states, as well as the for the X23/2((2σ)2(4π)3) ground state. Hyperfine constants were determined for the A2+ and B2states, but were too small to be resolved in our spectra for the C2Δ3/2 state and X2∏ ground state.

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