Mar 18th, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Amazon's Kindle™ Wireless Reading Device: Is It the Future of Interlibrary Loan?

Joyce Neujahr, University of Nebraska - Omaha


Amazon's Kindle device allows libraries to acquire new titles in three minutes or less. This presentation explores how this capability can be used in two important ways. First, providing an "instant interlibrary loan", by using Amazon's 225,000 available Kindle titles. Loan requests can be filled on-the-spot by downloading a book and lending the Kindle to the patron. Second, patrons gain immediate access to bestsellers, fiction, and new releases that would ordinarily require days or weeks to provide. The presentation details an actual implementation of "Kindle Loan" services. Both the concept of how wireless readers change library services, and the practical issues such as borrowing policies and copyright clearance, are examined.

Joyce Neujahr is Director of Patron Services at the University of Nebraska-Omaha's Criss Library.