Publications authored by staff of the DeWitt Wallace Library at Macalester College.


Books from 2019

In Fond Memory: Ron Joslin, DeWitt Wallace Library


State of Academic Art Libraries 2019 - ARLIS/NA Academic Library Division Report, Becca Pad, Ginny Moran, Andi Back, Emilee Mathews, Caley Cannon, and Mary Wasserman

Submissions from 2018


Creating an OER Toolkit: Offering Customized Solutions and Reducing Barriers in a Small Liberal Arts College, Ron Joslin, John Meyerhofer, Angi Faiks, and Teresa A. Fishel

Submissions from 2017


Book Review: David W. Lewis. Reimagining the Academic Library. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016., Teresa A. Fishel


Claiming expertise from betwixt and between: Digital humanities librarians, emotional labor, and genre theory, Alexis Logsdon, Amy Mars, and Heather Tompkins


What’s New? Deploying a Library New Titles Page with Minimal Programming, John Meyerhofer

Documents from 2011


We're Not an ARL Library...why should we bother with scholarly communication initiatives?, Georgie Donovan, Teresa Fishel, and Scott Mandernack

Worldcat Local: A Solution that Changes Everything., Johan Oberg (Librarian) and Angi Faiks

Documents from 2010

Digital Commons Meeting at ALA Midwinter 2010, , Jean-Gabriel Bankier, Courtney Smith, Stephanie Davis-Kahl, Russ Bailey, Terri Fishel, Connie Foster, Marilyn Billings, and Shawn Martin

Documents from 2009

Academic Library as Publishing Agent: showcasing student, faculty, and campus scholarship and publications, Teresa Fishel, Marilyn Billings, and Allegra Gonzalez

Taking LibData to New Heights, Shane Nackerud and Johan Oberg

Submissions from 2008


Showcasing Student, Faculty and Staff Publications: Promoting, populating and publishing in a small liberal arts college institutional repository, Janet Sietmann and Teresa Fishel

Submissions from 2007


What ABOUT the book? Google-izing the Catalog with Tables of Contents, Angi Faiks


College Library Statistics: Under Review, Teresa Fishel


College Library Statistics: Under Review; powerpoint slides, Teresa Fishel

Submissions from 2004

Introducing the Twin Cities: A preview of things to do during ACRL's 12th National Conference, Teresa A. Fishel and Jim Newsome