Submissions from 2017


Defending Empire at the United Nations: The Politics of International Colonial Oversight in the Era of Decolonisation, Jessica Lynne Pearson


Stones and Bones: Catholic Responses to the 1812 Collapse of the Mission Church of Capistrano, Karin Vélez

Documents from 2015


Using History to Make Slavery History”: The African American Past and the Challenge of Contemporary Slavery, James B. Stewart

Documents from 2014


Green Cities, the Search for Sustainability, and Urban Environmental History, Christopher Wells

Documents from 2013


Latin America Encounters Nelson Rockefeller: Imagining the Gringo Patrón in 1969, Ernesto Capello

Labor History for the Future, Peter Rachleff

Documents from 2012

Rebellion to Tyrants, Democracy for Workers, Peter Rachleff

The Anti-Union Offensive, ‘Right-to-Work,” and Labor’s Response, Peter Rachleff

Documents from 2011


City at the Center of the World: Space, History and Modernity in Quito, Ernesto Capello

Imagini emisferici. La missione presidenziale di Nelson Rockefeller in America Latina nel 1969, Ernesto Capello

Nanjing Datusha Shiliaoji (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam

Russian Pilgrims and ‘Tourist Pilgrims’ to Palestine at the End of the Empire, Peter Weisensel

Documents from 2010


Cartógrafos y clérigos Misiones geodésicas y religiosas en el conocimiento geográfico del Ecuador (Siglos XVIII-XX), Ernesto Capello

Mapas urbanos y nacionales: representación del espacio regional y nacional entre 1900 y 1950, Ernesto Capello


'This Is Our Fair and Our State': African Americans and the Panama Pacific International Exposition, Lynn Hudson


Not Your Parents’ Minnesota: Immigration Politics in a Supposed Liberal Bastion, Peter Rachleff and Doug Rossinow


Book Review of Stuart B. Schwartz. All can be saved: Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World, Karin Velez

Documents from 2009

Identidad colectiva y cronotopos del Quito de comienzos del Siglo XX, Ernesto Capello

Book Review of Barbara Berglund, Making San Francisco American: Cultural Frontiers in the Urban West, 1846-1906, Lynn Hudson

Lies, Secrets, and Silences: Writing African American Women's Biography, Lynn Hudson

Africa's Freedom Railway : How a Chinese Development Project Changed Lives and Livelihoods in Tanzania, Jamie Monson


Africa's Freedom Railway: How a Chinese Development Project Changed Lives and Livelihoods in Tanzania, Jamie Monson

La Greve de Hormel (1985-1986), Peter Rachleff

Remembering Tang Chun-i: Revisiting His Personality and Thoughts (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam


The Death of the Model T: Smooth Roads, Closed Cars, and Technological Maladaption; a translation of "La Morte del Modello T: Strade Pavimentate, Auto Coperte e Tecnologica Desueta", Christopher Wells

Documents from 2008

Public Spheres, Crónicas, And Heterogeneous Landscapes: New Works in Latin American Urban History, Ernesto B. Capello

Entertaining Citizenship: Masculinity and Minstrelsy in Jim Crow San Francisco, Lynn Hudson


Liberating Labour? Constructing Anti-Hegemony on the TAZARA Railway in Tanzania, 1965-76, Jamie Monson

Hard-Pressed in the Heartland: The Past, Present, and Future of Minnesota's Labor Movement, Peter Rachleff

Immigrant Rights Are Labor Rights: Postville and the Lessons of the Hormel Strike, Peter Rachleff

"Peter Rachleff: Labor Historian," (interview), ARTIST AND INFLUENCE, XXVII, Peter Rachleff

"The Financial Crisis and the Global South: A Labor Perspective," Teach-in on the Financial Crisis and the Global South, Peter Rachleff

The Reel Watts: Charles Burnett's Killer of Sheep, Peter Rachleff

Unpacking the Past: Learning History Through a Song, Peter Rachleff

When Human Beings Are Illegal, Peter Rachleff

Art, Culture, and Government: The New Deal at 75, Peter Rachleff and Beth Cleary


Book Review of "Beyond Conquest: Native Peoples and the Struggle for History in New England" by Amy E. Den Ouden, Andrea Robertson Cremer


Book Review of "The Empire of Love: Toward a Theory of Intimacy, Genealogy, and Carnality" by Elizabeth Povinelli, Andrea Robertson Cremer


Possession: Indian Bodies, Cultural Control, and Colonialism in the Pequot War, Andrea Robertson Cremer

Documents from 2007

Book Review of Psyche A. Williams-Forson, Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, & Power, Lynn Hudson


How maize became the dominant food crop in Africa, Jamie Monson

Documents from 2006

The postcolonial city as universal nostalgia, Ernesto B. Capello


Mary Ellen Pleasant’s Nantucket, Lynn Hudson


Defending the People's Railway in the Era of Liberalization: TAZARA in Southern Tanzania, Jamie Monson


Reconsidering the Abolitionists in an Age of Fundamentalist Politics, James B. Stewart

Review of: Between East and West : Polish and Russian nineteenth-century travel to the Orient, Peter Weisensel

Documents from 2005

Book Review of Jean M. Humez, Harriet Tubman: The Life and the Life Stories, Lynn Hudson


“Jesuits – Expulsion,” and “Jesuits—Iberia & America, Karin Velez

Review of: The Black Sea: A history, Peter Weisensel

Documents from 2004


City, Chronicle, Chronotope: Re-Constructing and Writing Old Quito, Ernesto B. Capello

Documents from 2003


Mining A Mythic Past: The History of Mary Ellen Pleasant, Lynn Hudson


The Making of "Mammy Pleasant": A Black Entrepreneur in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco, Lynn Hudson


The New Haven Negro College and the Meanings of Race in New England, 1776-1870, James B. Stewart

Documents from 2000

"Strong Animal Passions" in the Gilded Age: Race, Sex, and a Senator on Trial, Lynn Hudson


Review of: Silent skies: The Air Traffic Controllers' Strike, by Willis J. Nordlund, Peter Rachleff


Review of: Struggling with 'Iowa's Pride': Labor Relations, Unionism, and Politics in the Rural Midwest since 1877, by Wilson J. Warren, Peter Rachleff

Bring Just Closure to the History of World War II: Opening Remarks for The International Citizens' Forum, Yue-Him Tam

Prerequisites for Reconciliation with Japan: Sincere Apology and Reparations for War Crimes (in Japanese); Forward, Yue-Him Tam

Russian-Muslim Inter-Ethnic Relations in Russian Turkestan in the Last Years of the Empire, Peter Weisensel

Documents from 1999

Encyclopedia of Sino-Japanese Relations (in Chinese; co-editor), Yue-Him Tam and Guan Jie, et al

Documents from 1998

Remembering Nanjing: The 60th Anniversary of the Datusha--A Special Issue (chief editor), Yue-Him Tam (chief editor)

The Historic Video-Conference between Tokyo and Los Angeles: Accounts from Participants in the Nanjing Massacre and Unit 731, Yue-Him Tam

Review of: The Soviet Socialist Republic of Iran, 1920-1921: Birth of the trauma, Peter Weisensel

Documents from 1997

Sino-Japanese Translation as a Cultural Enterprise: A Comparative Perspective” (in Chinese),, Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1996

‘Asia for Asians”: Cultural Control During the Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong, 1941-1945, Yue-Him Tam

Changes & Crises Under Autocracy: Imperial Russia in the Last Two Hundred Years Chinese translation & adaptation from Arthur Goldhammer’s English translation of the French book by Marc Raeff, Understanding Imperial Russia: State & Society in the Old Regime (New York: Columbia U Press, 1984). Senior co-editor & translator., Yue-Him Tam

Review of: Moscow's Greek era: Russian-Greek relations and meta-Byzantine influence 1619-1694, by E. Kraft, Peter Weisensel

Imperiia i nasilie: podavlenie natsional’nogo samosoznaniia,” [Empire and Force: the Repression of National Consciousness], Peter Weisensel and A. L. Litvin

Documents from 1995


Prelude to the Great Reforms: Avraam Sergeevich Norov and Imperial Russia in Transition, Peter Weisensel

Documents from 1994

Economic & Cultural Relations Between Hong Kong & Japan, 1974-1993. (Chinese, Japanese & English articles included; Editor), Yue-Him Tam

Economic & Cultural Relations between Hong Kong & Japan, 1974-1993 (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam

Resisting Westernization in Modern Japan: Ota Kozo’s Theories & Implementation of Pan-Asianism (in Japanese), Yue-Him Tam

The Revision of History Textbooks in Japan (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam

To Bury the Unhappy Past: The Pacific War in Japanese Textbooks, Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1993


Review of: Administering the Taylor Law: Public Employee Relations in New York, by Ronald Donovan, Peter Rachleff

Documents from 1992


Review of: Black Property Owners in the South, 1790-1915, by Loren Schweninger, Peter Rachleff

Sino-Japanese Relations in the Last Century: Essays in Interpretation. (in Chinese; Co-editor), Yue-Him Tam

Soobshcheniia russkikh krest'ian-palomnikov o Palestine kak otobrazhenie zhizni russkoi sel'skoi obshchiny [Russian Peasant Reports of Palestine as a Reflection of Russian Village Life], Peter Weisensel

Documents from 1991

The Roar Over History Textbook Revision in Japan: A Source Book of the Chinese Protest in Mainland China, Taiwan & Hong Kong in 1982. (in Chinese; Editor), Yue-Him Tam

Russian Self-Identification and Travelers' Descriptions Of the Ottoman Empire in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century, Peter Weisensel

Documents from 1990


Meiji Japan & the Educational & Language Reforms in Late Ch’ing China, Yue-Him Tam

The Japanese in the Meiji Period: The Case of Naito Konan (in Japanese), Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1989


Review of: The Fall of the House of Labor: The Workplace, the State, and American Labor Activism, 1865-1925, by David Montgomery, Peter Rachleff

The Characteristics in the History of Sino-Japanese Cultural Relations (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam

The Chinese Periodicals Specialized in Japanese Language Education in the 1930’s (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1988

Hong Kong & Japan: Growing Cultural & Economic Interactions, 1845-1987. (English, Chinese & Japanese articles included; Editor), Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1987

Naito Konan’s View of Sino-Japanese Relations (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1986


Keeping Minneapolis an Open-Shop Town: The Citizens' Alliance in the 1930s, Peter Rachleff and Lois Qualm

apan as an Economic Power: Secrets & Problems of Her Prosperity (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam

Studies in Chinese Classical Poetry. (Chinese translation from Japanese). Original by Ogawa Tamaki. (Editor & senior co-translator)Chinese U Press, Yue-Him Tam

Studies in Modern Sino-Japanese Cultural Relations. (In Chinese), Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1985


Sino-Japanese Cultural Interchange: Aspect of Literature & Language Learning. (English, Chinese & Japanese articles included) (Papers of Int’l Symposium on Sino-Japanese Cultural Interchange, Vol. 2). (Editor), Yue-Him Tam


Sino-Japanese Cultural Interchange: Aspects of Archaeology & Art History. (English, Chinese & Japanese articles included) (Papers of Int’l Symposium on Sino-Japanese Cultural Interchange, Vol. 1). (Editor), Yue-Him Tam


Sino-Japanese Cultural Interchange: The Economic & Intellectual Aspects. (English, Chinese & Japanese articles included) (Papers of Int’l Symposium on Sino-Japanese Cultural Interchange, Vol. 3). (Editor), Yue-Him Tam


Translations & Cultural Interchange between China & Japan during the Last Three Centuries (in Chinese), Yue-Him Tam


Russian Travelers to the Christian East from the Twelfth to the Twentieth Century, Peter Weisensel and Theofanis G. Stavrou

Documents from 1984

The Future of Japanese Nationality: The dilemma & Self Examination of An Economic Power. (Chinese translation from English). Original by Kenneth B. Pyle, translated by Ying-wo Chan. (Editor), Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1983

Naito Konan’s Charm & His Sentiments, Reasoning, Conscientiousness & Learning: A Legacy for Japan in the 1980’s (in Japanese), Yue-Him Tam

The Japanese Responsiveness to the Changing International Environment (in Japanese), Yue-Him Tam

Documents from 1982

History of Chinese Students in Japan. (Chinese translation from Japanese). Original by Saneto Keishu. (Editor & senior co-translator), Yue-Him Tam