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Rajiv R. Thakur is an economic geographer. He has published and presented within the context of applied economic development and is exploring new research at the intersection of economics and environment through the lens of sustainability with regional interests in the Terai region of Nepal and Mithila region in Bihar, India. His policy interests include economic policy, environment and climate science, and international development. He is currently Associate Professor of Geography at Missouri State University, West Plains, and former Chair of the Westlakes Division of the American Association of Geographers. He is the lead editor (with Ashok Dutt, Stanley Brunn, Baleshwar Thakur and Ramesh Dhussa) of a festschrift in honor of Pradyumna Prasad Karan titled Environment, Development and Culture in South and East Asia: Local, Regional and International Perspectives.


Obituary of Pradyumna Prasad Karan (1930-2018).

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